Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black, black Friday

The American consumer is soooo stupid.
And disgraceful.

On Long Island, a Wal-Mart employee got trampled to death on Friday morning when drooling, greedy shoppers broke down the doors and swarmed into the store. At what, 5 AM? some ridiculously early time.


First, wanting so badly to save money (while spending it—go figure) that they would get up early to be at a store on opening to be sure they got THE BEST DEAL.
Second, being willing to be part of a mindless horde of avaricious shoppers.
Third, being willing to kill to get what they want.

I heard people were annoyed that they had to wait while the store, the police and the EMTs cleaned up the mess.

Way to show Christmas Spirit folks.
Suddenly, water-boarding doesn't seem so bad. I'd love to get my mitts on the first two hundred or so of those idiots who stormed that Wal-Mart. I'd like to adjust their attitude. This kind of thing really tests my pacific Christian philosophy.
I end up feeling like I really want to hurt those people.

Lord, forgive me. But there it is.

Can you imagine being one of these people? Can you imagine how ashamed you would be? And if not, can you figure out why you deserve to live?

If this is the way Americans are supposed to be, maybe it's time for me to return to the family roots in Slovakia. I asked before in this blog, if I were the only one who thought that it was weird that the economic health of our country depended on us buying things. A lot of things.

I still think it's weird.

I don't have a problem with people wanting something more than the basics of existence. And I don't have a problem with other people producing stuff that goes past the basics and who want to earn a living selling it.

But I do have a problem with elevating greed and possession to the be-all and end-all of life.
Actually I could just say "end-all of life" because anyone who is in the thrall of this possessive addiction has really opted out of true human life. There ain't no "be-all" for them, they are just robots.

What insanity is it that induces major retailers to create elevated levels of possessiveness in their customers? And what insanity is it that allows customers give themselves up to these consuming influences?

Are people's lives really so empty? Are retailers so insecure and greedy? Are people so stupidly susceptible to being manipulated to the point where they actually surrender any pretense to humanity?
Yes, yes and yes.

I keep coming back to that parable in Luke where Jesus tells the rich ruler to sell all he has and give the money to the poor. The rich ruler can't do it. Do you suppose any of those Long Islanders could give up even half of what they were planning to spend at Wal-Mart to the poor?
Don't bet the farm on this.
Disclosure: I lived on Long Island for a while once and I'm here to tell you, it's better to be in Youngstown, Ohio or Eugene, Oregon or anywhere else in the known universe. Long island makes you crazy.

Although so far they haven't been shooting each other in Toys R Us. That's left for the Californians.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Go meditate or something already.

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