Saturday, November 22, 2008

Movin' along now

Seems it's almost official, Hillary is going to be Secretary of State. I've written that from a personal standpoint I think she could be a great senator…but she will also be a great Secretary of State. Might be able to get stuff done by force of personality. If you were the leader of a country and heard that the USA wasn't happy about what you were doing, how would you feel if Hillary was flying in for a little heart-to heart talk?
Talking to Al Pacino's Godfather would be a little less stressful.
I wouldn't want to argue with her.

Also Obama is going to appoint Timothy F. Geithner as his treasury secretary. That news shot the stock market up a bit on Friday. Hopefully his talk on the economic situation scheduled for Monday will boost it some more. Of course I don't know who the hell he is, but the people who need to know obviously do.
And how come our financial health depends on a bunch of Nervous Nellies who have no long range vision and crawl back under their rocks everytime it looks like they are going to have an unprofitable quarter?

It looks like the Big O is hitting the ground running, not wasting a second, grabbing the bull by the horns, taking names and kicking butt— let me know if I missed any clich├ęs. Anyway he is actually DOING something. Unlike the current resident of the White House who is in Peru, for another pointless economic meeting. No one wants to listen to him anymore anyway.
Theres a video on YouTube ( of GWB coming out for a photo op with the G-20 Leaders and everyone's shaking hands but no one shakes hands with him. No one.
Its over George. Just slink off into the night already.

In an op-ed piece in the New York Times today Gail Collins, a far superior writer to myself, suggests that it's time for the pres to go. She suggests he resign, with Cheney resigning first ("we're desperate, not crazy") so that the Presidency would go to Nancy Pelosi who could give Obama a chance to get his stuff going early.

And it needs to get going.

The automobile manufacturers' situation needs to be addressed soon. Much as I despise those guys, the CEOs, COOs etc, not the line workers, it looks like some help has to be given the big three to help them avoid bankruptcy. Too many people would be adversely affected. I'm waiting to hear Obama's plans which he is supposed to announce Monday.

Apparently my support of the local deli, and the ripple effect on its employees if I can't spend money there anymore, is not enough for me to be considered for a part in this $750 billion giveaway. The small businessman always gets screwed. Anyone have a private jet I could fly to Washington in? That seems to be what gets noticed. If I could just get a chance to get in front of that committee, I know i could wheedle a few hundred thou out of them. I can bullsh!t with the best of them.
Yeah. Enough dreaming for the night. Goodnight, to both of my loyal readers.

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Scruffy said...

Agreed concerning Hillary, the Big 3 CEO's (bastard's) and I LOVE the video concerning Shrub at the economic summit. Sad (concerning how it reflects on our country) but at the same time perfection.