Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two more days, dear Lord, two more days

I can hardy stand it. Will it be Obama, who I can live with? Or will it be the heart attack candidate McCain and his snow queen running mate? The polls say Obama and I hope so—but my people come from Slovakia, and tend to the darker side of the emotional spectrum. If we want it and it looks like we're going to get it, then we become convinced that some calamity will snatch our joy away from us.
I don't know whether to attribute this to religion (Catholic—and guilt-inducing— with the deep-seated old superstitions still active) or to being at the crossroads for most of the armies fighting over European real estate for the last thousand years, with the attendant inconveniences.
Maybe it's from a diet consisting mostly of pierogies and cabbage and slivovitz.
And beets for variety.
By the way, if you've never tasted slivovitz, say a fervent prayer of thanks to the Lord above.
My father used to keep Jelinek Slivovitz around. 100 proof, kosher for passover, and when you drink it you pass over (or out) for sure. It sears the flesh off your throat on the way down, which accounts for the gutteral languages of that part of the world. Then the heat reaches your stomach and the alcohol poison courses through your bloodstream. As soon as it reaches your brain you realize you understand everything and nothing at the same time. Synapses misfire or form crazy rhythms in your brain and a real connection with the universe and visions of God suddenly seem to come into your very being.
When you wake up, usually in a barn somewhere with a pig licking your face, you remember nothing.
It's wonderful.
I mean it's terrible.
Especially when you start hearing about the fistfights and what a fool you were.
Anyway, that's what they tell me.
Wouldn't know myself.

Basically it's the Eastern European answer to cocaine.
But cocaine is friendlier.

It's also good for removing blacktop tar from the sides of your vehicle.

I seem to have gotten off-topic again.

Anyway, I am rooting for Obama. He ain't perfect, but he's perfecter than McCain-Palin.
I say McCain-Palin because I really don't believe the old war hero will survive four years, and we'll end up with Sarah and Todd in the White House.

There's been so much smearing going on from the McCain camp i don't know where to begin so I won't. And stupidity. Geeez.

I just wanna say I AM a real American, even tho I don't vote Republican, don't approve of McCain and disrespect Palin. So there.

By the way, how come that business about Obama's aunt comes out only now, hmm?

Would YOU like to be judged by all your relatives actions and/or ideas?

I hope Obama wins the election,but I also hope he has the smarts to pick good people to advise and help him. The mess G.W. Bush leaves behind will take a lot of undoing. A generation or two. And more than one man, or one President.

One of the good things to come from this is that more people are understanding that "regulation" is not necessarily a dirty word. Once one sees that people with no restraints are gambling one's own money away, then the idea of some kind of "rules of conduct" becomes more acceptable.

My biggest problem with the election being over is that i will have to work to find new things to complain about.
Well, really, I don't think I have to worry too much about that.
Even in an Obama administration.

Good night.


AtlantaJim said...

What a wuss.

>>100 proof

What would you do with some 190 proof EverClear and a shot of methyl ether ketone? Whine about that too?

"I want a Lemon Twist!"

Well - the doom sayers are already plotting ways for the "O" to lose.... The pollsters reporting narrower gaps than even last night - and I can't help but wonder if it is ONLY to get commercials watched for a full 24 hours as 300,000,000 people wait for a TV concession speech...?

As long as it goes the right way - I can get the Geezer (for a fee) this T-Shirt, to go along with his "I Choked Linda Lovelace" collection of fine sportswear. <--copy/paste

Anonymous said...

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