Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inanity and Insanity

In other words—Republicans in congress.
Some of the arguments they have been making are ridiculous, and still mired in that old thinking about tax cuts being the only thing that works for everything. One of the idiots, John Thune, of South Dakota, I believe, had the old easel and signs showing how high a stack of a trillion dollars worth of hundred dollar bills would go.
How pathetic.
Some of us are worrying about losing our homes, have no job, and guys like him are resorting to puerile arguments to try to defeat the stimulus bill.
And they believe a tax cut will get me out of the red? Ho ho.

Dinosaurs, all of them.
Can't admit they've been going down the wrong alley all this time.
Some of these guys, if you try adding their IQ levels together, you start getting negative numbers.

It took the prez long enough to get around to calling them on their silliness. He's going out now to show them, the Republicans, and the press as well, how "ordinary" citizens feel about out economic situation. Best part is the enthusiastic receptions he is getting in typically Republican strongholds.

I hope that at some point his administration will get around to clearing out some bureaucratic
obstacles in the process of helping people. here's a good one: I went to the state unemployment agency today because my state benefits ran out and I need to apply for the federal extension. So they can't just put in for the fed's extension. I have to re-apply for benefits to the state, get turned down (as I will) and then, and only then, they can kick in the federal extension. In the meantime, I'm left with three weeks of no benefits. Oh well.

Didn't Dante put the merry-go-round of pointless government bureaucracy somewhere in the inferno?

Well it was a nice day anyhow, and i listened to the new Amanda Palmer album (probably my last personal pleasure expenditure for the foreseeable future) on the way down to the office and back. Seemed to go well with the day's efforts. "Who killed Amanda Palmer?" Highly recommended by me.