Monday, March 24, 2008

it appears that Billary didn't have to duck sniper fire after all when she visited Bosnia back in the day. 1996 I think it was. Well, there were snipers out there somewhere- in the hills- out there- somewhere. I started out being on the fence about Billary and the Obamarama juggernaut, but I have to say I don't think the former first lady is doing too well. Obama comes out and faces the fallout from his former pastor's preaching, Hillary still avoids talking sincerely about her vote to support the Iraq war. Actually we should call it the Bush war.
I think Hillary could deliver the goods if she weren't so single-minded about winning, but she's in loser mode now. Just hasn't separated herself enough from the old politics, her husband's old politics. C'mon woman, find your own voice! Not that I particularly want you to win, I just want you to be worthy of the struggle no matter what.

Meanwhile George W. Bushwa is really sorry about the 4,000 American dead soldiers from his war. It's sad but it's okay, he says, because they have been sacrificed to create peace for generations (did i get that right? correct me if I'm wrong, i was upchucking at this point and may have missed something). Right on, George.
I may have mentioned this before, but a new training ground for terrorist, civil war, sectarian strife, religious violence? Peace for generations? I'm sorry, Mr. B., you'll have to explain a little more how you've made things better.
You have to give George credit for being an exemplary example of obtuseness and stubborness and delusion. His most valuable contribution to society is the many PhD papers aspiring psychologists will be able to write about his pathology. What a fertile field for professional advancement! Hell, I could get a PhD writing about him. I think. This may be my dissertation. Imagine that.
Naw, don't bother. If I were a psychologist you'd see the suicide rate rise alarmingly. Step aside, Kevorkian, a new champion has arrived!
In the meantime, yours truly, being unemployed (except in the area of random and reckless thought) is bemused by the workings of the unemployment machine. If I can show some interest in finding work each week I remain eligible for unemployment benefits. This is emphasized at training sessions. Just go on-line and look for work and you've done your search for the day. I love it that I don't have to leave home to not get a job.

Here in Massachusetts, you can earn up to 1/3 of your unemployment benefit working before you are penalized. But you are only penalized for the week you work in. Whatever money you lose is applied to another week of unemployment benefits so you can get more time on the state dole. I like this. Yours truly truly doesn't want to work. I am every Republican's nightmare. I just wish I could be a welfare mother so I could suck even more money out of the system. I'd make a lot of little me's who'd need even more money from the state. I'd work the system you betcha. You know all those welfare mothers are kicking back and enjoying their benefits while drinking cheap wine and ignoring their kids. Sounds good to me.
Yessir. Must be true, I heard it on Fox news.

As it is, I make enough freelancing to be able to stretch out my unemployment benefits a few weeks longer. But, on the other hand, I have to pony up some cash each month for the COBRA (aptly named) health insurance. Which doesn't cover dental. And who is healthy otherwise but has a toothache? But I'm not bitter.
So that's the state of —not the union— but the life of your not-so humble correspondent (or despondent, as the case may be).

Why aren't you doing something useful? Get outta here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Worth it

Our Prez has spoken about the 5th anniversary of his war, that it was "worth it" to be rid of Saddam Hussein. Like Saddam was the worst dictator to ever come along. Worth it. 4,000 American troops dead, untold numbers of Iraqis (and i mean the ones who just got caught in the crossfire) dead, a country in ruins, a new training ground for terrorists created , a new chance for Iran to dominate the region. Meanwhile the real Al Qaeda and Osama B. are hiding out in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Because George Bush didn't want to commit to actually fighting Al Qaeda. He wanted to bring down Saddam, which his daddy didn't do. My guess is there's some serious father-son rivalry going on there. Too bad the rest of us have to pay for it. If you didn't lose a relative or friend in this war, you will find you have lost a lot from your wallet. Yep, really worth it.

And one of the really shameful aspects is that the wounded veterans who come back are treated so shabbily. These people got sent to fight and die or be dismembered in this phony war (the war is real, the reasons for it are phony), but when they come home they have to put up with terrible conditions at Walter Reed Hospital, have the govt deny or delay medical treatment and mental claims of PTSD etc.

I was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war, and I'm still one, but even I see the necessity of giving these soldiers the best treatment possible. Why don't the leaders who sent them off see that?

Among the mental problems, let us not forget the brutalizing of soldiers' consciences because the leaders refuse to give clear and humane instructions for handling prisoners.

Why hasn't anyone in Congress had the courage to start impeachment of this reckless, feckless president? One of my favorite bumper stickers says "Somebody please give him a blow job so we can impeach him"

Which brings me to one of my favorite subjects, American sex hangup.
Damn those Puritans. We're still cleaning up the doctrinal doo-doo. Although it's unfair really to blame the Puritans alone. But the sexual hypocrisy seems to never abate here. And causes all kinds of trouble. I see where some author from England was denied entry because of his past drug arrests and the book he'd written which basically told of a life of debauchery.
Some people have all the luck.

No, I didn't really mean that.
But smarmy as his book may be (and there seem to be indications that it's not all true anyway), this denial of entry seems to me to be a suppression of free speech. So it's crummy speech. When did that ever stop anyone?

When we get to the point where a president can more easily be impeached for sexual impropriety than for violating the Constitution, starting illegitimate wars, ruining an economy etc—well there's trouble in River City and it starts with "S" and that means Sex.

People are still talking about Elliot Spitzer. Now his visiting a prostitute and violating his marriage vows is bad enough, but he could have gotten past that and stayed Gov of New York anyway—if only he hadn't been patronizing the very people he'd been spending a lot of time prosecuting as Attorney General. It isn't right for a lawman to eat at the criminal's table, even if he is paying extravagantly for the meal. This goes way past "the appearance of impropriety."
Too bad, Elliot.
I see his successor, Mr. Paterson, has already come out and confessed to past extra-marital adventures. But he doesn't do that anymore. At least he isn't trying the "I didn't inhale" defense of a former President.
How would Paterson word that if he did try that tactic? Let's not go there.

Anyway, he'll get a pass, because he wasn't prosecuting the people he was patronizing, and he got this out so it doesn't look like a big secret he's hiding.
And he doesn't do that anymore.
We can only hope.

On to cheerier items: Barack Obama gave a great speech this past week, in response to a sermon his former pastor made, which pretty much raked America over the coals for racism.
Not that that's not deserved, but the language was offensive.
Mr. Obama gave a stirring speech about racism, how it affects white and black, and how many of our problems today are more economical that racist. He managed to repudiate his pastor's words without repudiating his pastor.
Highly recommended. You can see it here, as long as the Times keeps it up.

The original URL is too long so I went to for help.

That's all for now folks.
I'm missing my beauty sleep.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random, Pointless Thought department

If Hillary gets elected president, will she have interns?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"oh, God, Pride of Man—Broken in the Dust again!"

Thanks to Quicksilver Messenger Service for that line. 'Course they were singing about nuclear conflagration, not about getting caught with your willie in the wrong place.
But I imagine it feels a little like nuclear war in the Spitzer household about now.

What is it about power that makes men so stupid? Especially when they bank their careers on fighting crime and immorality like Spitzer did.
Seems like Big Eliot was letting Little Eliot do his thinking for him.
Dr. Laura blamed the wife. (Does Dr. Laura have a license? Why hasn't it been taken away from her?) Sure doc. I can see it now:
(Scene: the Spitzer household)
Eliot: C'mon baby, how about it?
Silda: "Naw, I got a headache. Why don't you go out and find a whore?"
Sounds reasonable.
I guess he thought that when you pay upwards of 4 grand to have sex that you're not really exploiting anyone. I suppose it's possible that the woman enjoyed her work, wasn't coerced in any way, but it was still illegal and he is (hopefully soon, was) a governor. Besides, turning a blind eye to the happy 4 thou hookers just makes it easier to ignore the very unhappy and basically enslaved $40 hookers.
I feel sorriest for the daughters. He could have thought of them and the trust they have in him. Had in him.

Aargh. Just when you think it can't get any worse—by which I mean more stupid—there it goes.

In the meantime, both Hillary and Obama are showing some strain. Hillary is making noises about the big O being her VP. Uh huh.
"Say, Barack, now that you have more delegates than me, how about announcing you'd like to be my Vice-President? "
"Why, that's a damn good idea Hillary, thanks for asking."
It would be a gender-inclusive Mutt and Jeff team.

They are both cutting each other down and claiming a broader electorate, Meanwhile Johnny Mac is sitting by with his nomination wrapped up and enjoying the show. I'm having nightmares about Bush Redux being in the Whitehouse.

It's getting into mud season, even tho there's lots of snow up here in the hills. The ground is doing it's seasonal stretching and shifting about, with the result that the roads are falling apart again. Didn't the Roman roads last for hundreds of years? They must not have frost heaves in Italy. I read that they use old tires to make the blacktop we make roads out of. Seems to me if they used enough rubber the roads would just stretch with the frost heaves and we'd all be happier. No ruined tires, no waiting on road repair all summer long.

Maybe with more rubber in the road surface we'd get a little extra bounce in our drive, save some gas. If this idea takes off, you heard it here first. I'll need witnesses when I file my intellectual-property theft suit.

I've been busy and not posting for a week. God, it feels good to complain again!
T-t-t-that's all folks.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ohio Primary (sort of an oxymoron)

Well, Obama found out he's mortal after all. He's still ahead, but I hope a little more sober now. The Billary team pulled it off in Ohio, I knew they would. I'm from there and know the place. One of the things I know is it's a good place to be FROM. And somewhere else. (I have family who would disagree with me, I'm sure.) The best times I had there were in the more disreputable parts of Cleveland.

Ohio will go for McCain in the general election.

Speaking of McCain, he finally took the cheer out of the Huckleberry Huckabee (I'm going to miss that guy) campaign. McCain has shown an unexpected ability to pander for votes. He's doing it well. I doubt there is a single Republican interest group whose butt he hasn't given a big wet one to.

Ms. Clinton's campaign has been digging out the FUD tricks (that's Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation) against the Obamarama. I'd say it's a good indication of how the general election campaign will go if she's the one against McCain. Downhill rapidly.

This won't affect the Obama faithful, he mixes up some powerful Kool-aid, and they drank it all. But he better be ready for some tough fighting. Panderer or not, McCain has been through some tough times and is a survivor.

That's all for now. Soon as I catch up on my newspaper reading I'll have more to complain about.