Monday, September 28, 2009

A couple more things…

Just want to note the passing of my favorite conservative, William Safire. I disagreed politically with him on just about everything, but he was a gentleman. And you have to give props to him for coming up with "nattering nabobs of negativism." I'd say Safire made VP Spiro Agnew what he was with the stuff he wrote for him.
And I always looked at his word usage column in the NYT. That, I really respected him for. We need more defenders of the language and it's usage in this world, not less.
Bye, Bill, thanks for the memories.

I don't like to dump on Obama, but sometimes he just deserves it. What is it with this bullfeather trip to Denmark he is making? To advance the cause of nuclear non-proliferation? Uh-uh. It's to put in his two cents for Chicago getting the Olympics for, oh, whatever year, it doesn'tmatter, the Pres of the USA has more important things to do. There's this health care issue…

He should be here putting all his weight behind the health care issue all the time until he gets what he wants. No one is going to die if Chicago doesn't get the Olympics, fer pete's sake. People are dying now because of insurance company greed. Check your priorities, Barack. Get Barack on track and pay attention to the real issues.

Besides he's going to look like a real doofus if the Olympic Committee, not known for either intelligence or integrity, gives the nod to some other city. He better hope those guys like him.

That's it.
I'm outa here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


…I'm too mellow to be really bitchy tonight.
I had a good friend stay with me the past ten days. He does the butter sculpture at the "Big E", Eastern states Exposition, and comes here for that. Nice to have an old buddy around, I don't have to drink alone.

Repubicans don't have a lock on stupidity. One Democratic Senator, Kent Conrad, of North Dakota, said in the Senate Finance Committee that "Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and other European states have managed to contain costs and provide good health care without government-run systems." Except, those countries DO have government-run health care systems. You know, those "socialist" health-care systems.
C'mon, North Dakota, I know there aren't that many of you, but surely you can do better than this.
Unless it's the accepting of health care industry money that makes one stupid.

Maybe the Surgeon General should look into this.
And why is there a "Surgeon" General and not a "General Practitioner" General?
Which kind of doctor do YOU see more often?
I digress. Seems to happen fairly often.

I saw in the New York Times today about how the Dutch are working on preventing illegal shipments of trash from leaving Rotterdam, which they said was one of the biggest ports in Europe.
This trash goes anywhere in the world where it can be dumped. Which means, of course, poor third world countries where officials can be bought and people have no voice. Not too much trash gets dumped in Monaco, or near any Club Med-worthy locations. Of course, I understand that we have a fine old tradition in this country of putting waste in areas where people are essentially disenfranchised, either by ignorance or political malfeasance. Pretty hard for us to throw stones.

Some trash shipments make sense, like if a lot of plastic products are imported from China, say, it makes sense to send the broken, outdated and unwanted detritus back to China where it can be recycled into more plastic stuff. At least it's not being dumped near some village in Guinea Bissau or a similar location.

I think about trash and recycling a lot. I live in a town where this is fairly important, our dump fees depend on the efficiency of our recycling efforts. I feel guilty if I throw tinfoil into the waste basket instead of the recycling container and God forbid I should just throw away a plastic bag—and why do I have any anyway?
Six and a half billion people on this planet can generate a lot of waste. But isn't it funny that it is only the developed nations that have a problem with waste disposal? There aren't any illegal dumps in the US of A that I know of with waste from Guinea Bissau or Cameroon.
Just where do they put all THEIR used toasters and broken radios and ipods and out-of-style decorator lamps? We should ask.
Could learn something.

Alright. That's enough.
Good night.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm a conservative

Yes folks, (both of you) I have arrived at the logical conclusion that I must be a conservative. What has led me to this rather startling conclusion is the Rachel Maddow Show's coverage of the "Values Voter Summit." This is an event organized by the Family Research Council which attracts all the Repubicans who want to ingratiate themselves with the tin hat fringe of the right. Many leading lights of the Repubican party will show up at some point, like Romney (he of the haircut) and Tim Pawlenty and Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor.
They have some kind of workshops called "breakout sessions" where they discuss topics such as "True Tolerance—countering the Homosexual Influence in Public Schools" and "Global Warming Hysteria—the new face of the 'death agenda'("if people are the problem, what is the Final Solution")."

So—if 'True Tolerance' means opposing homosexuality, and if trying to save the environment is a 'death agenda', then, ipso facto, being liberal must mean being a conservative.

And here I thought it was just "Talk like a Pirate" day. It's also "Opposites day."
Aarrr, I am a conservative, matey, an' if ye don't believe it ye'll have to walk the plank. The Repubican plank.
So if I am a conservative, then politicians like Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor must be liberals. They are certainly liberal in their condemnation of those who don't think like them, who dare to differ from their white male anglo-saxon protestant self image and heritage.
They are liberal in their asshattery.

I am proud to be a conservative conserving the freedoms listed in the Constitution and Amendments, and protecting them from yahoos who want to deprive freedom from those they fear and hate.

I'm getting pretty sick of those malcontents and their butchering of the English language and their hate-filled and fearful little minds. The Repubican leadership won't acknowledge that the rhetoric of hate they are ignoring/encouraging can lead to danger and violence. They don't realize that the ones who are energized by this talk, once all the "liberal" enemies are gone, will come after they themselves. Hate and fear, once unleashed, cannot be brought back to heel easily.

Okay, now here's a weird little news tidbit— Public Policy Reporting says that 18% of New Jersey conservatives think that Obama is the Anti-Christ, and 17% are not sure. Is this weird and wild or just dispiriting?

Just goes to show you how stupid people are. Actually, I, I AM the anti-Christ, it's just not public knowledge yet.

It will be, you heard it here first.
Soon, my minions will be living in your condominiums and enjoying those time-shares in Cozumel.
Live (or not) with it.

Isn't the internet wonderful? In one short posting I have gone from a conservative to the anti-Christ. (some would argue there is no difference).
Talk about self-promotion. I love the world we are living in.
good night all (two of you)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I heard on NPR that the Repubicans are upset that Obama said the distortions they've been promulgating all summer are lies.
They just hate the truth.
I missed most of the speech, alas. I was involved with something else and logged on late. I was trying to listen to NPR's live feed but there were gaps, dead air, and I was missing things. I tried CNN to no avail, then I remembered—"Hey, I have a radio!"
Remember radios?
I'm so pathetically computer-oriented anymore. I need to find a twelve-step program.

I did hear the big O be very firm about getting this thing done, and it seems, with a public option also. Good.
'Bout time.

I also heard the Repubican response by Rep. Charles Boustany, the Louisiana doctor. He said the Repubes were willing to work on a bi-partisan plan. Horsefeathers. "GOP Chairman Michael Steele and House Minority Leader John Boehner …have said they would oppose any plan put forth by the president, with or without the controversial public option." This from NPR. I believe I also heard earlier this summer that GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell also said that. Some bipartisanship.
Why should I believe that anything else in the response was truthful?

Nah, the Repubicans won't play because it isn't their ball. They'd rather incite wingnuts to shout down Representatives in town hall meetings and to show up with their guns strapped to their hips and to call Obama a Nazi.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

But hey, if weren't for them and those other minority white males, who would we have to laugh at?
Well, Michelle Backman isn't male but anything she says is risible, or would be if she wasn't so sadly serious about it.

Okay, I've bitched enough for the night. I'm glad to see the world hasn't gotten any better, otherwise I'd have to shut down this blog.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wacky Wackenhut, Alberto Gonzales, other fun stuff

I'm back after a short hiatus to celebrate my birthday.
Not saying how old I am but there is a Beatles song about it—"will you still need me, will you still feed me, etc."
Actually the Beatles didn't sing "etc."

Well, there was news last week about our intrepid American contractors, the ones guarding our embassy in Afghanistan. Those wacky Wackenhut boys, drinking and running around naked and doing lewd things. Reporters have called it "deviant behavior."
On behalf of all you deviants out there, I will protest this insult.

It's just amazing the lack of quality in our contracted foreign service employees. Why aren't our embassies being protected by Marines anymore? Those guys were proud and took their job and their dignity seriously. I may be a conscientious objector, but I thought they looked great and fitting in front of our embassies back in the day. Kinda made you proud, no matter what your position on war.

Now we have yahoos being paid by you and me but with no accountability to you and me for their behavior. They are only accountable to their employers, and you know how corporations cover their asses no matter how bad they've been. One of my biggest gripes is hearing how some corporation has paid a big fine for some malfeasance but allowed to get away with not admitting any culpability.
Who started that shit?
Make the bastards get down on their knees and beg, i say.

Anyway, I wonder whose pockets got greased to allow Wackenhut to keep its contract despite many complaints about its incompetence.

On a lighter note, someone, one Melissa Dunphy, has written an opera the libretto of which is the records of the hearing of Alberto Gonzales before Congress. The appearance where he couldn't remember anything. It is, in the little I heard on the web site, quite accomplished, listenable and rather charming.
Also I'm developing a crush on the woman who sings the Alberto part, but that's neither here nor there. I develop a lot of crushes. A few drinks and a good look in the mirror and it goes away.
I digress.

One of the neat things about this production is that the composer, being a little pissed that there was only one woman on the committee questioning him, has switched genders on all the participants. All the male senators' parts are sung by women, and the lone female, who was Senator Feinstein, is sung by a male. It's a delicious conceit.
You can hear segments here:

I can't wait for the original cast recording.
I hope Ms. Dunphy does more of this.

Actually I think Philip Glass should also take up the idea. it wouldn't be as engaging as Ms. Dunphy no doubt would be, but it would actually reflect the atmosphere of a Senate committee hearing more accurately. I'd love it if he did the Sotomajor hearings.

I can already hear the three note turn on "wise Latina woman." He couldn't repeat it more than the Repubicans did.

Oh, latest right wing wacko upset—fear that Obama will indoctrinate school children into socialism with his speech to them this week.
What a bunch of wingnuts. This is all racism at its core. Bill Clinton, even in his unzippered peccadilloes, wasn't treated like this. There are just too many people who are upset that that NEEEGROW is running the country.
The socialism thing is just a camouflage to hide the underlying racism.
So far what I've heard of the speech is basically the usual boilerplate "study hard and be good etc" stuff.
Definitely a hidden socialist message there.

That's as much as i can manage tonight. Both of you, my readers, go find something useful to do.