Monday, September 28, 2009

A couple more things…

Just want to note the passing of my favorite conservative, William Safire. I disagreed politically with him on just about everything, but he was a gentleman. And you have to give props to him for coming up with "nattering nabobs of negativism." I'd say Safire made VP Spiro Agnew what he was with the stuff he wrote for him.
And I always looked at his word usage column in the NYT. That, I really respected him for. We need more defenders of the language and it's usage in this world, not less.
Bye, Bill, thanks for the memories.

I don't like to dump on Obama, but sometimes he just deserves it. What is it with this bullfeather trip to Denmark he is making? To advance the cause of nuclear non-proliferation? Uh-uh. It's to put in his two cents for Chicago getting the Olympics for, oh, whatever year, it doesn'tmatter, the Pres of the USA has more important things to do. There's this health care issue…

He should be here putting all his weight behind the health care issue all the time until he gets what he wants. No one is going to die if Chicago doesn't get the Olympics, fer pete's sake. People are dying now because of insurance company greed. Check your priorities, Barack. Get Barack on track and pay attention to the real issues.

Besides he's going to look like a real doofus if the Olympic Committee, not known for either intelligence or integrity, gives the nod to some other city. He better hope those guys like him.

That's it.
I'm outa here.

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