Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm a conservative

Yes folks, (both of you) I have arrived at the logical conclusion that I must be a conservative. What has led me to this rather startling conclusion is the Rachel Maddow Show's coverage of the "Values Voter Summit." This is an event organized by the Family Research Council which attracts all the Repubicans who want to ingratiate themselves with the tin hat fringe of the right. Many leading lights of the Repubican party will show up at some point, like Romney (he of the haircut) and Tim Pawlenty and Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor.
They have some kind of workshops called "breakout sessions" where they discuss topics such as "True Tolerance—countering the Homosexual Influence in Public Schools" and "Global Warming Hysteria—the new face of the 'death agenda'("if people are the problem, what is the Final Solution")."

So—if 'True Tolerance' means opposing homosexuality, and if trying to save the environment is a 'death agenda', then, ipso facto, being liberal must mean being a conservative.

And here I thought it was just "Talk like a Pirate" day. It's also "Opposites day."
Aarrr, I am a conservative, matey, an' if ye don't believe it ye'll have to walk the plank. The Repubican plank.
So if I am a conservative, then politicians like Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor must be liberals. They are certainly liberal in their condemnation of those who don't think like them, who dare to differ from their white male anglo-saxon protestant self image and heritage.
They are liberal in their asshattery.

I am proud to be a conservative conserving the freedoms listed in the Constitution and Amendments, and protecting them from yahoos who want to deprive freedom from those they fear and hate.

I'm getting pretty sick of those malcontents and their butchering of the English language and their hate-filled and fearful little minds. The Repubican leadership won't acknowledge that the rhetoric of hate they are ignoring/encouraging can lead to danger and violence. They don't realize that the ones who are energized by this talk, once all the "liberal" enemies are gone, will come after they themselves. Hate and fear, once unleashed, cannot be brought back to heel easily.

Okay, now here's a weird little news tidbit— Public Policy Reporting says that 18% of New Jersey conservatives think that Obama is the Anti-Christ, and 17% are not sure. Is this weird and wild or just dispiriting?

Just goes to show you how stupid people are. Actually, I, I AM the anti-Christ, it's just not public knowledge yet.

It will be, you heard it here first.
Soon, my minions will be living in your condominiums and enjoying those time-shares in Cozumel.
Live (or not) with it.

Isn't the internet wonderful? In one short posting I have gone from a conservative to the anti-Christ. (some would argue there is no difference).
Talk about self-promotion. I love the world we are living in.
good night all (two of you)


The Burgher of Poo said...

For a guy who cares so much about society -- why aren't you helping to bring jobs to Pooburg???

We need jobs and cops & you ignore us! <--jobs <--cops

Such a hypocrite!

curmudgeon said...

Gawd, am i getting the commentators i deserve?