Monday, March 24, 2008

it appears that Billary didn't have to duck sniper fire after all when she visited Bosnia back in the day. 1996 I think it was. Well, there were snipers out there somewhere- in the hills- out there- somewhere. I started out being on the fence about Billary and the Obamarama juggernaut, but I have to say I don't think the former first lady is doing too well. Obama comes out and faces the fallout from his former pastor's preaching, Hillary still avoids talking sincerely about her vote to support the Iraq war. Actually we should call it the Bush war.
I think Hillary could deliver the goods if she weren't so single-minded about winning, but she's in loser mode now. Just hasn't separated herself enough from the old politics, her husband's old politics. C'mon woman, find your own voice! Not that I particularly want you to win, I just want you to be worthy of the struggle no matter what.

Meanwhile George W. Bushwa is really sorry about the 4,000 American dead soldiers from his war. It's sad but it's okay, he says, because they have been sacrificed to create peace for generations (did i get that right? correct me if I'm wrong, i was upchucking at this point and may have missed something). Right on, George.
I may have mentioned this before, but a new training ground for terrorist, civil war, sectarian strife, religious violence? Peace for generations? I'm sorry, Mr. B., you'll have to explain a little more how you've made things better.
You have to give George credit for being an exemplary example of obtuseness and stubborness and delusion. His most valuable contribution to society is the many PhD papers aspiring psychologists will be able to write about his pathology. What a fertile field for professional advancement! Hell, I could get a PhD writing about him. I think. This may be my dissertation. Imagine that.
Naw, don't bother. If I were a psychologist you'd see the suicide rate rise alarmingly. Step aside, Kevorkian, a new champion has arrived!
In the meantime, yours truly, being unemployed (except in the area of random and reckless thought) is bemused by the workings of the unemployment machine. If I can show some interest in finding work each week I remain eligible for unemployment benefits. This is emphasized at training sessions. Just go on-line and look for work and you've done your search for the day. I love it that I don't have to leave home to not get a job.

Here in Massachusetts, you can earn up to 1/3 of your unemployment benefit working before you are penalized. But you are only penalized for the week you work in. Whatever money you lose is applied to another week of unemployment benefits so you can get more time on the state dole. I like this. Yours truly truly doesn't want to work. I am every Republican's nightmare. I just wish I could be a welfare mother so I could suck even more money out of the system. I'd make a lot of little me's who'd need even more money from the state. I'd work the system you betcha. You know all those welfare mothers are kicking back and enjoying their benefits while drinking cheap wine and ignoring their kids. Sounds good to me.
Yessir. Must be true, I heard it on Fox news.

As it is, I make enough freelancing to be able to stretch out my unemployment benefits a few weeks longer. But, on the other hand, I have to pony up some cash each month for the COBRA (aptly named) health insurance. Which doesn't cover dental. And who is healthy otherwise but has a toothache? But I'm not bitter.
So that's the state of —not the union— but the life of your not-so humble correspondent (or despondent, as the case may be).

Why aren't you doing something useful? Get outta here.

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dogboy443 said...

WOuldn't you think that if your going to embellish a moment in History, you would get the facts at least a little accurate? Dodging sniper fire! Ooo, exciting. Oh look on tape she's strolling along like it's a Sunday afternoon. Freakin' idiot. Just for that I don't want to vote for her if....if she gets the nod.