Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ohio Primary (sort of an oxymoron)

Well, Obama found out he's mortal after all. He's still ahead, but I hope a little more sober now. The Billary team pulled it off in Ohio, I knew they would. I'm from there and know the place. One of the things I know is it's a good place to be FROM. And somewhere else. (I have family who would disagree with me, I'm sure.) The best times I had there were in the more disreputable parts of Cleveland.

Ohio will go for McCain in the general election.

Speaking of McCain, he finally took the cheer out of the Huckleberry Huckabee (I'm going to miss that guy) campaign. McCain has shown an unexpected ability to pander for votes. He's doing it well. I doubt there is a single Republican interest group whose butt he hasn't given a big wet one to.

Ms. Clinton's campaign has been digging out the FUD tricks (that's Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation) against the Obamarama. I'd say it's a good indication of how the general election campaign will go if she's the one against McCain. Downhill rapidly.

This won't affect the Obama faithful, he mixes up some powerful Kool-aid, and they drank it all. But he better be ready for some tough fighting. Panderer or not, McCain has been through some tough times and is a survivor.

That's all for now. Soon as I catch up on my newspaper reading I'll have more to complain about.


dogboy443 said...

Our boy Barrack won this past weekend in Wisconsin, but now Michigan wants a do-over primary. Funny how they moved their primary up against Party rules, got slapped by having their delegates removed and now want to do it all over again. Freakin' idiots. Keep on ranting Mudgie, they're all idiots!

Anonymous said...

Quoting Sun Ra: "Who's the captain of this spaceship, anyway?"

Monty Python?

Gleek said...

sorry mudgie and gang, anon is me, I am so blown away by silly putty surealism I just dont know where to hang my oxygen tank, anymore.