Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Late night meanderings

Ever since I was laid off I have been up til 1 or 2 in the morning. I still get up at 7 AM.
Needless to say the lack of sleep is causing some changes in my mental equilibrium.

I need another root canal. No insurance of course. I'll be paying this off for a couple years. Why doesn't this country have a good health care system? Do I have to move to France to get my teeth fixed?
The problem as I see it is that certain people in high places, senators and representatives etc (AKA Republicans) Are afraid that if they create a really good system someone, somewhere, will take advantage of it and get benefits he or she doesn't deserve.
Like this doesn't happen amongst the big money Wall Street crowd who run crying to the gov't. every time they get too reckless with investors' money?

Back up Chrysler and Bear Stearns but for God's sake don't let that poor black woman get away with having another baby on the gov't. dole. Now I know there are a lot of dull knives in the drawer, but really, how many women of any color are considering having a lot of kids as an income producer?

"Shit, I don't have the rent money this month, I better get pregnant again."
This is really sexist. I, a man, don't have this option.
(just kidding, folks)

I'm sure there is someone out there stupid and venal enough to think this way, but how many? Are thousands of people who could genuinely benefit from financial help to be penalized because a couple of wingnuts are gaming the system?

Don't ask me about the time I was told I would have to sell my car and buy a junker before I would be eligible (with three kids to support because my ex-wife was having a brain fart) for food stamps.

These problems come from those so-called Christians who talk the talk but can't bring themselves to walk the walk. Someone said, "those who can't trust are unworthy of trust themselves." And Republicans, as a rule, just can't bring themselves to believe in the goodness of people even as they preach about it on Sunday. They can't trust and they show over and over again they can't be trusted.
Do you really trust George Bush to preserve your freedom? To make sure you won't end up living in a cardboard box in an alley somewhere? Assuming you can find a cardboard box. Those republican CEOs probably have cornered that market. They can recognize a growth industry.

People wouldn't cheat if they didn't think that the system was loaded against them. Why shouldn't I try to weasel as much out of the system as I can when CEOs are raking it in even when they are effing up royally in making their companies profitable? I wish someone would pay me for effing up. I could be a billionaire by now.

These same asshats and their supporters in Congress will tut-tut over that (apocryphal) welfare mother popping out babies for the monthly child-raising stipend. How much does she get? An extra fifty bucks a month? How much do these wingnuts in business get for their malfeasance as leaders? An extra million a month?

Here's fair warning to all Republicans who worry about someone squeezing a couple hundred bucks a year out of the system without "deserving" it. I'm your man. I'll get whatever I can and I'll laugh in your faces. So there! I'm laughing all the way to the bank. Come visit me on my Caribbean island hide-away.


I'm going to bed.
I hope I'm keeping someone, somewhere, awake.

Paranoia is your friend when you can use it to drive others (read:"Republicans") crazy.

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