Saturday, April 5, 2008

Looking into Putin's Soul

I heard on NPR today that the Bushman is going to visit again with his buddy, Vlad Putin.
Got me thinking and I have something for all you paranoiacs and tin-hatters out there.
Consider back in Bush's early days when he visited ol' Vlad and said he looked into his eyes, he saw his soul? We all laughed, those of us who use our brains for more than figuring out when "American Idol" is on, but we were wrong. WE WERE WRONG! George was telling the truth. He looked into Vlad's soul and LIKED what he saw. Don't forget, both these guys were connected with espionage, Bush with the CIA and Putin with the KGB. They probably knew each other from the old days.
Consider this: Putin arranges for corruption charges to be brought against big business men who wanted to get him out, and they are in jail or in hiding or dead. He consolidates his power. Bush (or his minions) rips the reputations of any political rivals to shreds (i.e. hatchet job on John Kerry by Swift Boat Liars) in order to consolidate his power.
Putin gathers more control of the state into his hands. Reduces democracy (as little as the Russia had). More police power to intimidate citizens.
Bush uses terrorist hysteria to consolidate his power, infringes on American's freedoms (ever wonder what your librarian has been telling the FBI about you?) through wiretapping, charges of terrorism (hello sunny Cuba, enjoy your stay at Guantanamo Bay) and basically trashes our reputation with torture, rendition and military tribunals.

Neither man wants his people to question his policies: better they should just devote their time to working and shopping.
In short both men are instigating fears amongst the populace and law makers in order to consolidate their powers and suppress opposition. Putin has war in Chechnya, Bush has war in Iraq. Terrorist seedbeds, both of them. Well, now they are, anyway.

And the two men still seem to have a cozy relationship (at least Our Leader thinks so) while officially our governments are at odds over Nato expansion and missile defense.
Sooo, who benefits if there is a resumption of the cold war, or something similar, between the Russia and the USA? The ordinary citizens who just want to be happy and live life or the military-industrial complex and it's greedy political supporters?
Think about it.

Geez, I'm almost convincing myself.
In actuality, I think that Putin is playing George for a sucker. But I could be wrong.

Still, I wonder how much Mr. Bush believes about how those missle installations in the Czech Republic and Poland are really for stopping Al Quaeda missles. Osama bin Laden has a lot of missle delivering capabilities, no doubt. They're just building them helter-skelter in those caves on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Well, that ought to be enough to disturb your sleep for the night. My work here is done.


AtlantaJim said...

One big problem with your theory....... Bush saw Vlad's soul because God told him to look there.

It was his Dad that was CIA.

CIA during Nixon's years as VP under Eisenhower, CIA and Zapata during Nixon's mission in Cuba, otherwise known as "Bay of Pigs" - (with two code names... one of them being "Operation Zapata") and of course, who could forget the ONE civilian yacht just out of range, monitoring the operation----WHAT WAS HER NAME???

Barbara. Wife and CIA yacht.

Trivia: Where was George on Nov 22, 1963? Nixon was at Pepsi that day... in downtown Dallas, overlooking Dealy Plaza. He left town just before show time. George? He was CIA, calling the FBI at 1:45pm, something about someone wanting to off JFK....... &

After bids to visit Congress, success as a rep., & failure, twice, for the senate, Dad was chosen by Nixon, now president, to serve as US Ambassador to the UN, then as Chairman of the Republican National Committee (against his will, but did so to serve his president).

Then Nixon sent Dad to China for one of the 20th Century's most important diplomatic achievements of the USA. (OFFICIALLY.... he was Chief of the US Liaison Office in the PRC -- one can't have an ambassador to a country one doesn't recognize as a sovereign nation -- only Taiwan had that status at the time, as the seat of China's government).

Kissinger is talked about so often, but lets not forget who was there, day after day, before my boy Dickie stormed ashore in Air Force One to meet Zhou and Mao.... it was Dad. Once recognized, Dad became Ambassador to China.

After Nixon resigned, it was Dad who was recalled from China and put in charge of the CIA, by President Ford. No civilian without intelligence background has ever been put in charge of the CIA (until recently).

But nobody ever caught that, so it seems. His years, post WW 2 years are simply chalked up to his "oil years."

No doubt they were true - to an extent. No good cover can work without there being a basis for it. And traveling the world as an oil man is a great cover.

That's when he got to meet Osama's Daddy. Perhaps Junior was with him at the time (not unlikely) - he is pictured at the celebration, about 11 years old, at Dad's first Gusher Party. He looks about like he does now..... confused, deer in the headlights, etc. Maybe Jr. & Osama played in the sand together as kids.

Everyone wants to know where Jr. was when he was AWOL?? Nobody answered Gary Trudeau's plea and prize of $10,000...... Not a single of our nearly 300,000,000 knew where he was....

Perhaps he was in China, with Dad, so he could manage a respectable entrance to Harvard as a student in International Business?

Wait... how about "so he could make an entrance to a respectable school...."

I am hoping that he was in a Chinese Prison -- just like in Manchurian Candidate, and will soon off himself.

(I never said I was a model Republican. I have common sense. I didn't vote for this moron. Those rights we have came from the Blue States, despite YOUR state having no shortage of idiots to send to the national spotlight over the past 20 years...)

Since the Bush and bin Laden families were friends and business partners..... WE MUST KNOW! Where was Junior when Osama was being trained to use Stingers against the Russians????

Oh wait... we already know. He was in Arlington, buying the Texas Rangers with other people's money, getting the city to give him a stadium, and then he sold it and kept the profits.

Why can't *I* get a city to do that for me? I'd have gladly brought the Expos to any city in the USA for that kind of deal.....

To get one like that, I'd run around South Carolina like Osama chanting "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!"

Wait... got that one wrong too. That's OBAMA.

It's hard to keep them straight... one was born a Muslim, to Muslims, and raised as a Muslim in Muslim schools in the land of Muslims.... and has a love/hate thing going for Bush and the USA.

and the other? Born in Hawaii, to a Muslim, named Muslim, raised as a Muslim, in Muslim schools of Indonesia - the second most populace land of Muslims.... and has a love/hate thing going for Bush and the USA.

And he chants "Jesus!" - because.... one must in order to be elected President of the United States.

It is a required course taught by David Rockefeller, at both the Tri-Lateral Commission (Saturdays) and the Council on Foreign Relations (Tues/Thursday).

It's also offered at the University of Chicago -- the largest Baptist school on the planet, where.... surprisingly, Osama's wife......oops! OBAMA's wife, is a $250,000/yr administrator!

Of course, you already know that UC was started by none other than the original John D. Rockefeller, the giver of dimes...... our first real billionaire, Mr. Standard Oil himself, David's grandfather... Right?

Need time? Go ahead.. look it up. :::waiting:::


Certainly Ford knew CIA George's background well. Ford was on the Warren Commission. Along with Allen Dulles. Dulles is one of those people that make you blink -- he was head of the CIA during the Eisenhower/Nixon years, and remained on with JFK. UNTIL.......

....... The Bay of Pigs op.

Then he was fired by Kennedy, and had good sour grapes reason (and capacity) to avenge this weakness and abandonment of years of planning and leaving all those Cubans on the shore of Cuba without their promised air cover.

I'd like to be on the committee to investigate someone I might have arranged to have offed. "Um yeah... it looks to me like this one lone dude over here did it! You guys wouldn't want to disagree with me, would you? Did you know that 240 people remotely associated with this incident will die over the next few years? Wouldn't want that number to be 245, would we??"

Dulles' number two at the CIA, was General Cabel. The general - was, like all generals, a military man with connections - which was why he was Chief of the Directorate of Operations.

Interestingly... the general had a brother. No surprise there... we can't help that our parents reproduce, right? We were only there after the fact!

But THIS general had a brother that was Mayor of Dallas, Texas on Nov 22, 1963.

Now you don't believe me. Go ahead and look it up. I'll give you a few moments. Again.

And that mayor changed the parade route (using the Dallas police) at the last moment, creating one different from that published that morning in the Dallas/Ft. Worth newspapers.

Even the Secret Service was powerless to stop moving cars being redirected.....

You want conspiracy theories? And GOOD ones? I got 'em, brotha! As me what came first.... Dead JFK to Bethesda --- or Dead JFK & Jackie (with TV cameras) to Bethesda?

I think the real question is... who, today, has two stings?

THAT's where the real conspiracy is.


AtlantaJim AGAIN said...

Interesting -- I was drawn to this post because of its genius. Of course, it was my own post from nearly 4 years ago.

So perhaps I need to admit I was drawn to this post because of the porn someone decided to post on this old thread.

I mean... I don't have rental property here in Atlanta. Therefore, I don't have "Das Beste: erotik livecams" - otherwise I would have posted it myself - and hoped you clicked on the links!

I had 3 years of Deutsche in high school, and 1 semester in college (don't ask me how I got out of the required 3 semesters at a major institution -- let's just say... I was only the second person ever, out of 7400 graduates per year in the Humanities to ever get out of the requirement - and I could have banged the TA too... something that while, she was just average, I wish I could carve into something, just because... because... because we DIDN'T have "Das Beste: erotik livecams" back then! But we did have video cams!! I should done her and taped her! She might have even been into it! After all - she spent time in Germany -- and we all know about the Reperbahn, right?

(I don't know if that's spelled correctly - but read your history of the The Beatles, and you'll find that every urinary disease possible is obtainable there - and they didn't even come close to getting them all after two tours there!!)

So these days -- I just say "SHEIÍßE!" at the whole loss... Oh... 1986, why hast thou forsaken me?

I mean... it's already 3:40am --- do I need to go driving into the college town to see which girls are working that do ATM at this hour?

Hmmm..... if nothing else, Krispy Kreme will be open. And either way, I'm out $10!!!!

I'll keep you posted!


btw... I've since discovered, after over 25 years (maybe even much longer) of interest in JFK losing his mind that day... that the troop ship (not control yacht) was named Barbara - and who it was named after.

The truth is actually WORSE than being named after Babs Bush, and much too lengthy to get into here.

Let's just leave it at - the name was after a very good pal of Dulles during his OSS years in France, with a fellow disrupter of Nazi Germany's efforts in France at the time, who actually wrote a book on the subject of conspiracies in history, and talked about all of them but one.

The one, being... the one in 1963. But she actually, LITERALLY, asks the question, whether such a continuity of action is possible??? -- after having shown that in modern history, it obviously IS possible!

But nobody wants to know that - let alone her ties to old money, Texas politics, her tenure in the OSS, her connections to Dulles, her linkage to old money that also makes it part of the Federal Reserve, and... the incredible one-step removed (not three... just ONE) to the mysterious Rambler in the JFK case.

It's a book of virtual admission - that virtually all historians have left unexamined - and I can't help wonder if that was by good, confidential advice or not.

Not David Lifton, not Mark Lane, not.... well, take your pick. Put JFK into the search box at Amazon. Nobody who comes up touches on this -- it was left to a lone Canadian researcher who made the discovery in the past decade of what was standing in front of us all along.

And that is... a bunch of brain parts that weren't actually standing at all. They were seated, briefly, until they became separated "at birth" - and then completely separated at Bethesda, from the body they were supposed to be in, before the body actually arrived.

If you think the Mob is scary in what it can and WILL do, you ought to give your voted politicians and their appointees some additional consideration.