Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's kind of hard…

… to get back in gear after the election and subsequent euphoria. I mean, everybody's tired.

Happily the Democrats are helping out. it seems that they have let Lieberman keep the chair of the Homeland Security committee. He is Benedict Arnold without even the glory of the leg wound at Saratoga. *
His popularity in Connecticut is tanking big time. The only benefit to his staying in that position is that now he owes, he owes, Obama for not working to push him off the chairmanship, and he has to be a good little Democrat to save his own butt in Connecticut.

Speaking of euphoria, there is a video of election night at Hampshire college, arguably the most leftist college in the US. It shows the students celebrating in the college yard and spontaneously breaking out in the "National Anthem." Possibly a first, and very touching also.

In good news it seems that the felon senator Stevens of Alaska is losing to his Democratic opponent Begich. Which means the Polar Bear Goddess will not be able to appoint a Republican to replace him when he resigns to go to the hoosegow.

On the bad side, the Bushman is issuing a lot of presidential rules deregulating and further pillaging America's resources. Folks, it's not too late to impeach him. (I wanted to say impeach that -something else- but I want to respect the office at least if not the occupant.) Why, oh why is that man so blind to the damage he is doing?

Sometimes these rules are hard to change. I hope that everyone puts pressure on their congresspeople to do something about this.

Johnny Mac and the Big O got together for a meeting today. Apparently McCain doesn't mind palling around with guys who pal around with terrorists.

Barack Obama has a YouTube spot now. And he used the internet to great success in his campaign. It's going to be a real sacrifice for him to lose his Blackberry.

Arianna Huffington filled in for Rachel Maddow last night. Disappointed as I am at not seeing our Cummington girl on the air, I have to admit a real weakness for European accents. Is that dame married?

Barack's Mother-in-law will be living in the White House with them?
Is there going to be no rest for the man? You can run, Barack, but you can't hide.

Enough rambling.
G'nite all.

*Benedict Arnold was wounded in the leg fighting for the revolution at the Battle of Saratoga. This before becoming a turncoat. There is a monument to his leg at the site.

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