Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nose dive

The economy is in the basement. With a shovel, digging a hole.
People are afraid stocks are going to go down, so they don't buy—which makes the stocks go down so people get afraid…

You know, the last two times I was unemployed were also bad economic periods. My timing is impeccable.
I wanted to get in on this bail-out thing. Went to Washington with paper and statistics showing that my little free-lance graphic business was in danger of going under. I figured that they could spare a lousy million for me. But on my way in to the Senate Banking, Housing etc. committee, I got pushed aside by Rick Wagoner of G.M in his rush to seek help, and Allan Mulally of Ford knocked me against the wall, and Robt. Nardelli of Chrysler stepped on my foot. Those guys were anxious!
By the time I got out of the emergency room, the committee had gone home for the day. While I was in the ER a guy from AIG tried to sell me some insurance.
Not a good day.

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Scruffy said...

Cut them some slack - don't forget that those three guys had to get back to their PRIVATE JETS! No cheap commercial flights for them. Grumble.