Friday, November 7, 2008

3 days into the future

Man, what a few days it's been!
Lots of videos on YouTube of the celebrating in NYC, probably other places too.
So fun to watch all those excited and happy people.

The old curmudgeon found himself a little damp-eyed more than once on Wednesday.
Love the NY Times headline. They almost never have a banner headline across the top of the front page, and never to my knowledge only a one word headline.

They didn't have to say anything else.

It's not time to stop the praying and working. The economy is in terrible shape. Another 240,00 people out of work last month.
I guess I was ahead of the curve, getting laid off in February.

Obama's gonna need some good advice and help and effort from everyone who can give.

Besides worrying about how the hell he's going to get the country started out of this mess, I have one major worry—what in the eff am I going to write and complain about now?

I didn't start off to do a particularly political blog, but it got that way, for the most part. The race was really heating up when I got started and it was hard to ignore.
No matter how much I tried.

There is still the economy. The hours on my part-time free lance job just got cut. Fortunately the unemployment benefits are still in effect. It gets hard to be a graphic designer when people don't have the money advertise or develop new product.

I'm feeling better. Of course there will always be something to bitch about.

I'm happy to not be complaining about McCain-Palin. Man, what a horror show.
He's resting somewhere and she's gone back to polar bear land. I hope they let her keep those boots. She did look good in them.

That's all for tonight.
Looking forward to a better tomorrow…

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