Saturday, December 6, 2008


Geez. I had thought that with the end of the election campaign (I survived, no thanks to the aliens who refused to kidnap me) the curmudgeon could hang up his hair shirt and lay around in the sun in his Obama T-shirt.
There is a recession going on (of course you and I knew this, but it took some academics with slide rules to convince the gov't), the so-called Big Three automakers are looking for help, the price has gone up from 25 billion to 34 billion—I guess it costs a bit more to run those hybrid cars they drove to Washington this time—and since they have untold thousands of subsidiary companies and their employees in thrall to their needs— they have a good chance of getting help. The last I heard this was coming as a loan. And if this scenario is good, they will start facing reality and producing useful vehicles and repaying us, the taxpayers (let's not look at the question of how I will know that my taxes are reduced because of this payment), our loan to help them stay afloat.

Take a deep breath now and hold it until they pay us back.

By the way, it's not the auto WORKERS who are responsible for this mess. Management always likes to blame the people who actually do the work for any price increases or problems. It just boggles the mind to consider how well this works. Joe, the car assembly line guy, wants more family time—that's socialism to give it to him (horrors).

Hey, it's not the millions we spend on bonuses for our middle and upper middle management guys which are creating this problem. It's those guys who actually put the cars together and who want decent health insurance who are the problem. They want adequate compensation for their efforts. Obviously Communists.
Anybody here remember what Communists were?

In the meantime, George phone-the-job-in Bush admits that well, the Iraq thing has cost a bit more and taken a bit longer than expected. Yeah, it's cost over 4 thou American lives (and we're not considering the larger number of Iraqis here), is draining our treasury of money we need here, but hey, it's mostly a success.
Saddam is dead, isn't he? That's worth 4 thou grieving families.

Okay, I'm 63 years old, or young, compared to how old you yourself are. but I don't think I have ever seen anything as bad, financially, as this.
I've been out of work since February, and another 500 thou people got laid off just last month.

Guess how much hope I have of ever working again. The competition, where it is not steep, is certainly numerous. In any job you or I apply for, assuming there is such a thing out there, the human resources person will be so overwhelmed that unless you or I are in the first ten our chances are about as good as the survival of a North Vietnamese in a Rambo movie.
Change your name to A. Aabababa as soon as possible. If you're not on that first google page, you are toast.

Politics—screwed up.
Economy—screwed up
Recovery—screwed up

Seems like this place is a winner.

Bye, bye.

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