Monday, December 15, 2008


That's me. Ten days since I last posted. Call it post-election ennui.
When did I start this silly thing? A year ago? Immediately it was Clinton-Obama-McCain, Clinton-Obama-McCain. With a Mitt and a Huckleberry thrown in once in a while. Every day another opportunity for humor—or anguish.

I feel like a junkie who just got locked up in rehab. Where's my fix!?
Watching Obama pick his cabinet is about as exciting as watching barnacles adhere to the bottom of a boat. It sort of looks like Clinton Administration redux. But then, there haven't been a whole lot of Democratic administrations since 1980, so where you going to find people? At least a couple of them seem to be Washington outsiders, which is good.

I can't wait til he becomes president—and fair game.

I did get a little political fix today. An Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at Pres. Bush. Of course such an overt sign of disrespect by a foreigner is to be deplored. Are you properly deploring?
This is the kind of thing we want to reserve for ourselves.
Gotta admit, that guy had more cojones than the Congress had in the last four years.

In the meantime, here on the home front, we've had a major ice storm in New England. Yrs truly was out of power for about 30 hours. Not too bad since some people are still waiting, four days later. I got to experience the fine old 19th century tradition of reading by candlelight.
I'm telling you, it was hell not being able to use my computer.
What a freaking geek I've become.

With the new DSL connection I have I have been able to enjoy the Daily Show and Rachel Maddow. This is both an enhancement of my entertainment options and also a major time suck. And a big downside, I am getting to see commercials again.
If I have to watch the ads for "Yes Man" one more time, I will hire a squad of crazed ninjas to take out everyone associated with that movie.
It's like having sex with someone you realize you don't really like.
"I enjoyed it the first time."

And that weird toilet paper commercial…
some of you may wish to skip this part—

A mother bear chases a baby bear who has little white specks on his butt. The point of the ad is to sell a tissue that won't leave debris in your nether regions.
I dunno, I've had maybe over a dozen sexual partners (hey, I was a late starter) and I never saw this as a problem, nor did any of them, perhaps being too genteel, comment about any litter on my anatomy. Nor have I heard any jokes or comments from my guy friends about this. And you know guys, with their partially developed, puerile brains, wouldn't pass up a chance to joke about this.

My conclusion is that it is a nefarious plot to create a new fear among consumers so that they will buy that particular brand of TP. It's pointless to try to create a need, everyone is aware of that (God, I hope so), and I believe the desirability of softness has been, er, thoroughly covered. So all that's left is to create fear.

Don't fall for it.

Keep reading my blog. It will wipe the offal from the daily news off your brain without leaving any evidence of thought behind.


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Scruffy said...

The shoe thing - bravo. The funny thing was, Shrub STILL smirked while ducking. That guy is freakin' unbelievable.........

We were without electricity for about 42 hours. No damage to the house, but lots of debris in the yard. Some of our wonderful neighbors haven't faired as well. Between the damage and with some still without power, we feel very lucky indeed. Its a rather surreal feeling literally camping out in front of the fireplace for a few days. The sight and sound of exploding transformers all around us at 2 AM is something I don't care to revisit. Not ashamed to say that it was a frightening experience.

Agreed about that rather disturbing tp commercial. All of those silly commercials in that series have been .....odd.......but this one seems to have taken the cake, so to speak.