Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I made a mistake. I tuned in to the NPR station at quarter to ten and got Laura Bush mouthing platitudes. Now I have to listen to her hubby swallowing his bile and telling us Johnny Mac is ready to lead the nation.
I never liked listening to George Bush.
He's bringing up the POW thing. No one denies the courage of John McCain in that time. I admire him, and wonder if I could do as well.
That doesn't automatically mean he should be pres.

Johnny Mac has as much as admitted that he went with his gut on the Palin nomination. Right. His gut said,"hey you could get all those Hillary supporters with an anti-abortion evangelist for VP." He must've had indigestion that day.

Fortunately the Pres's speech was short. But Laura is still going on.
She's a nice lady, I won't dump on her.

There's been some talk that GWB's tenure was successful because we haven't been attacked since 2001. They forget that we WERE attacked in 2001, in GWB's tenure. And if memory is correct, the first attack on the World Trade Center was in 1993 (someone among my vast congregation of readers can correct me) so there was about 8 years between that and the 2001 attack. I guess Bill Clinton also protected us from attack. And it's been almost 8 years since the WTC attack. Hmmm.
Terrorists don't necessarily work on the same time scale as the rest of us.

Who is this on now? Joe Lieberman? Joe Weaselman?No, Fred Thompson.

Lots of BS about Palin's independent streak, taking on the Alaska Republican establishment. First time I've heard Republicans praise someone who took on the Republican establishment. Usually they save their praise for those who take on Democrats.

Usual stuff about McCain. Seems like they are willing to sacrifice their children in Iraq. That really endears me.

About Palin. Lots of BS about her pregnant daughter. Forget it. My own experience tells me that you just can't make a cogent argument against someone whose 17 yr old gets in trouble. My parents were lucky. I got away with my sins. Other parents weren't. I'm not going to dump on Sarah Palin for her kid's peccadillos.

Man. Thompson is really piling on the saccharine BS. He is really dwelling on the POW episode.
Talk about pandering.

Back to Palin.
This from the NPR site:

"Under Gov. Palin, the state's quest for federal earmarks has not slackened.

Also, during her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, the city hired its first Washington lobbyist to get earmarks.

Steve Ellis is vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a watchdog group that tracks the booming business of congressional earmarks.

"She [Palin] was an avid recipient of earmark dollars as mayor, and now that she's on the ticket with McCain, who is an unabashed opponent of earmarks, she's toeing that line," he says.

Taxpayers for Common Sense combed through the lobbying reports that Wasilla filed when Palin was mayor. It came up with 14 items, totaling slightly less than $27 million.

Wasilla was doing about as well at getting earmarks as Boise, Idaho, but its population is about 10,000 people whereas Boise's is about 200,000."

From that it seems that Palin is not above using the procedures that she vows to quell as VP.

Now, Hillary had to put up with a lot of misogynist bullshite in her quest for the nomination. From men. Stuff about her pantsuits, her crying, etc. I hope the opposition doesn't go that route with Palin. Seems like there is enough fodder to work on with out that. Leave her family out of it. Don't say that this or that is particular to her being a woman.

It's time to grow up.

She can be defeated on more pertinent grounds.

Got lots of executive experience? Uh yeah, mayor of a small town and 2 year gov of a state that drills oil and takes as much US govt money as it can get. What's the population of Alaska? Anywhere near Ohio, Pennsylvania, even Massachusetts? I think not, even if you count the polar bears.

I'd rather have a polar bear as VP. At least you can understand IT'S bloodlust.

The Republicans are actually lucky that hurricane Gustav came thru in their convention time. They had a chance to look like they were concerned about people. As opposed to corporations. They worked for relief agencies, made a big deal about putting off the main part of their convention to show their concern for the poor, poor people of New Orleans and the South coast. Of course their convention was going to be as interesting as watching a dog pee, Sarah Palin not withstanding, so any distraction was to be applauded.

Republicans are depressing.

And I'm going to bed.

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jayna said...

Hey Mudgie dont go to sleep in the middle of a so-called 'convention'

(I did: no way I was gonna lissen to the bush and Trader Joe. I mean Traitor.)

However, since I cant figure out how to get back on my favorite political site from when they had a kinda emergency eff-up, and three per cent of posters got deleted by mistake -

You're gonna have to put up with me for awhile.

I could not believe McCain feeling the biceps of the "sex on skates" kid aka "Levi" - despite how HOT the kid is! - but McCain come on, settle down, cowboy!

Oh man Repugnatican hype at its most creepy.

A jump rope (whut?) rhyme from my child(whut)hood.

Sally Rand lost her fan
Go away you nasty man!

O geeeze! what hath hype wrought?