Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AIG (as in Aagh! I don't believe it! Geez! )

Oh, life is getting so interesting. I see from the comments I've been getting from my three loyal readers that the economy is on everyone's mind (except for Gleek the Space monkey—I'm not sure WHERE that mind is).

But, the shit is hitting the fan with unerring accuracy. My middle child said she had a date with a guy from AIG this weekend and he didn't feel too nervous—then. Is he sighing relief today or anxiously checking Craig's list for ANY position that could use someone with financial skills?
Hey, I hear Louie the Squeeze needs a few runners for his neighborhoods. They have to be good with numbers—perfect for an insurance company employee, you know, figuring out the odds.

Really, aren't insurance companies just bookie joints elevated to respectability?
But oops, seems like some aren't as respectable or responsible as we thought. What a surprise.
At least with Louie you knew where you stood. Or didn't, if you defaulted and Bruno the knee-capper came around to collect.

Obama, stop worrying about offending the 'lipstick on a pig' Alaskan and concentrate on how shitty things are in this country after eight years of G.W.B. This is your election to lose. Your opponents are an Alzheimer's poster boy and a gun-toting whacko who fires librarians. Hit'em hard and hit'em often.

Uh, i just want to ensure my gun-owning friends that my emphasis on the above remarks was on the "whacko" part, not the "gun-toting" part. I'm sure you are all sane.
As one of my Macintosh forum members puts it "An armed society is a polite society." But I have to wonder about Lebanon and Iraq. Don't see much politeness there.
Am I getting off-topic again?

Anyway the economy is going from bad to worse. This is actually contrary to what I remember in the past. Usually the economy improves in an election year as the incumbent tries to help his party win and applies pressure in the appropriate places. I guess President Cheney doesn't really care.

Oops, did I leave off the "vice?" Vice-President Cheney, that's what I meant to say. Emphasis on the "vice" part.

Enough. We're getting sucked into a black hole of greed and stupidity. You know it, I know it. Try to sleep on that.
I'm outa here. (Don't I wish—'poo and I have alien abduction dreams. If only…)

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