Sunday, September 14, 2008

Economy? We don't need no stinkin' economy!

I actually wrote the previous post a few days ago. Meant to review it but …time goes by.

Looking back at the previous post, I have to say that really the most alarming thing about McCain's decision is the evidence of mental fatigue. I've heard that he sometimes seems out of it, responds inappropriately to questions, can't keep facts straight etc. Choosing Palin is just another piece of that trend. The most worrisome thing about his getting elected is that he may not have many useful days to go. Will he make it to inauguration day? Are you ready for President Palin? Considering how she acted in Alaska, it could be very ugly as she unleashes the force of the federal government upon those who offend her. And invades Iran and picks a fight with Russia.

That should keep you awake nights.

In the meantime the economy is going to pot. For years the Republicans and conservative economists have called for, and got—with the help of some doofus Democrats, as much deregulation of business practices as they could get.

Deregulate! they said. The market will correct itself and the economy will be strong. They said that a free market, unfettered by government rules and regulations is the best way to promote prosperity and financial health for all Americans.

Those people are idiots.

The idea is predicated on the honesty and intelligence of the business people involved, that in their self-interest they would seek profits in a way that would benefit all America. How asinine. But hey, these are white guys in suits with power suspenders. They went to business school, they must know what they are doing. White guys in suits are the backbone of our economy.


Notice how conservatives (so-called, I call them reactionary) think:
Social services like unemployment insurance and welfare and health care guaranteed by government is bad. Somewhere some layabout guy is going to gull the system out of a few grand, or some ghetto mom will pop out another kid just to get some more money from the gov't. We have to protect the country and its economy from these welfare cheats. It could cost us millions, if there are enough of them. Can't have the taxpayers paying for incompetents who can't hold a job or mothers who don't know enough to not have sex anymore and keep having kids. (Birth control? Morning after pill? Uhuh. That just encourages them).

But, our white guys in suits would never be incompetent, would never over-extend their resources, would never try to weasel undeserved money out of the feds. Rrriighhht.
But their mistakes cost us billions and billions.

Now years ago I couldn't get food stamps because I had 10 grand in the bank from a house sale after my divorce. It didn't matter that I was unemployed and had no health insurance and needed to keep that money in case one of my three kids got hurt or sick and needed to go to the hospital. I was also told that I had to sell my car and buy a junker because at only three years old it was too new! I, and millions like me, can't get any help unless we are totally destitute. And can prove it.

But, if you own an investment company or a mortgage lending company, why the doors of the vault are open to you. The government doesn't say you have to sell your car to get help. The government is right there with check in hand, and no checking to see who was cheating and who was incompetent or stupid. Here's the money, white guy in a suit, we'll save you. (There are probably some black guys and Hispanic guys and Jewish guys in that crowd, and if you're offended by my leaving you out of this rant, I apologize).

Uh, am I as a taxpayer, going to get some stock or dividends or something from these people when they are on their feet again? I thought not. But it's only because these guys are so important that our economy and my own well-being depends on them getting the bail-out money that I sure could use. Hey, government, the local deli will really suffer if I can't buy food there anymore. I spend a lot there. Bail me out and I can continue to make sure of the deli's continued financial health. The country will benefit.

Really. I'm a white guy, and I have a suit, well, actually I have a sport coat and a good pair of pants which is almost as good. So you know I'm not lying and I deserve help.

I'm waiting.
I expect to get help from the government about the same time as the aliens arrive to take me away.

That's it. I'm outa here for the night. Why aren't you doing something useful?


'poo said...

I am IN on the alien thing. Have them swing south if they get you. If they get me, I'll make sure they come your way.

Making sense out of this nation's choices before I've had my A.M. opiate snack is more than I can manage.

Clearly we are POOR CHOICE, not Pro-Choice.

Pirate Jenny said...

"Why aren't you doing something useful?"

Hahahaha. I assume you're kidding.

admittedly naive said...

Is now when we're supposed to duck the falling bodies?