Sunday, September 28, 2008


Did you see the debate? Unfortunately I was involved in a graphic project and forgot until the last 15 minutes or so.

It was not that exciting a fifteen minutes.

Obama has that professorial voice to deal with. He just doesn't sound like he can be angry even when he is angry. I feel sometime that he thinks "Oh, I'm supposed to be mad, or gleeful, or something here" then he does it. I sympathize, having a similar problem. People don't know I'm mad unless i shout and break things and make a real asshat out of myself.

Meanwhile Johnny Mac is squeezing every little bit of pathos out of the things he says. Well, really, emotion is all he has going for him at this point. His space alien running mate is a disaster and our John has been so busy talking up and reviewing his foreign policy credentials he doesn't have anything really constructive to say about the Wall Street meltdown. Well, he has to be careful, a lot of those guys are his friends.

Big article in the NYTimes about his ties to the casino industry. Oooh, family values there. I dunno, John, how long you can use those five years in Hanoi, given the thirty plus you've lived since then. I almost gagged to hear him roll out that story once again near the end of the debate. Things going badly for you, John? Bring out the prisoner of war story. It's attack-proof.

I'll say again, I think McCain is a hero for the way he acted when he was captured and imprisoned. But that does not automatically mean he should be president. And he only cheapens his bravery by bringing it out at every possible sound-bite moment.

Speaking of asshats, the icicle queen is making one of herself. Or she would except the Repubs have worked diligently to keep Ms. Palin out of the reach of that terrible liberal press. (Like the liberal press of Fox News and Rupert Murdoch's newspapers?) What exposure she has had really emphasizes the meaning of the word "exposure." She looked pretty naked, intellectually speaking, in those Katie Couric interviews. Better just to bring her out for speeches and not let her answer questions. She's good at delivery. If I were a Repub consultant that would be my advice. Use her attractiveness and her sassy delivery but for God's sake don't let her out on her own. No telling what she would say.

But don't forget, she lives next door to Russia. She has probably thought a lot about it and the Russia's threat to her state while she's been governor. That makes her foreign policy savvy.
She's been too busy being the earmark loving, patronage and nepotism using greedy little POLITICIAN she is.

You know, I really hate picking on someone who is such an easy target. I mean, it takes no effort on my part, brings me no glory. The person is a disaster, she has no business being a heart attack away from the presidency. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

I put it down to senility. And being charmed by a pretty face. I think the Republican leadership (whoever those murky personages may be) are thinking that poor John is going to be bugled up to Jesus (as Kinky Friedman would say) soon and they will be able to control that little woman from Alaska.

HA! She shoots moose and wolves from helicopters. She'll eat the Republican leadership alive. And, frankly, they deserve it. I just pray that Obama wins this election so we don't have to watch that bloodbath. Actually, if he wins, everyone will be too busy watching him to see her devouring what's left of the Rove-Cheney coalition.

It's going to be interesting to see how much the financial mess affects those who might otherwise be tempted to vote their racist fears in November. If one listens carefully to the interviews and commentary on the radio one can sense an underlying fear of the BLACK MAN in those comments.

A BLACK MAN running our country!? Whoa! Is he going to commission a rap version of the 'Star-spangled Banner?' Is Ice-T going to be singing "Oh say bro, did you dig that star-blinged banner doing its thing over the hood?"
Could happen. You never know what 'those people' are going to do. Buy guns and lock your doors.

But the Obama is rising with the sinking of the market. Our love of money may actually put somebody good and useful into the White House (O, how I love the idea of a black guy in the White House!!!) for a change, a welcome change.

Okay. I'm out of gripe for the night.
Sleep tight, you two.

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