Thursday, August 28, 2008


Obama has made his speech.
He's lucky he didn't have to do it on the same night as Bill Clinton. It has to be said that no one can rouse a crowd and deliver the goods like Bill Clinton. Maybe Jesus would do better, but no one else I've heard since JFK. I didn't even hear all of Clinton's speech and I was ready to vote for him again.

That said, Obama's speech was pretty good. He did a good job of breaking the usual Democratic image, speaking of responsibility, that money doesn't solve everything, that government can't do everything.

I liked that he brought up Martin Luther King at the end, but for me the high points were when he spoke of equal pay for equal work, and when he talked about not attacking people's character when they disagree. It was pretty moving when he talked of Republicans and Democrats fighting and dying together. And it was one of the points where he rose to Clinton's level of delivery.

Also this may have been the first time that the words "gay" and "lesbian" were mentioned in the acceptance speech of a presidential candidate. people who have spent more time listening to these things can correct me if I'm wrong, but I bet I'm not.

He put out some ballsy challenges to McCain, shows he's not going to be a wimp. I hope he delivers.

Well, that's one convention down.
I'm trying to work up the patience to listen to the Republican convention. I can't imagine they will work up the same level of enthusiasm. It'll be like a wake where everyone is trying to be cheerful. I guess I'll listen to McCain's acceptance speech, in an effort to be fair.

Even with the level of excitement, I was pretty bored with most of the coverage of the Democratic convention (and now we'll go down to so-and-s0 who is with the (your state here) delegation. So-and-so what are you hearing?), the Republican convention will probably be coma-inducing.
I don't think I can afford to buy enough scotch to get through four days of it.

And again, I heard the dreaded "I was struck by…" phrase. I will have to write an admonishing letter to NPR. God knows, the Republican convention will be bad enough without being assaulted by that utterance.

And I am ready for the sack now.
Goodnight, my two loyal readers.


gleek the space monkey said...

hey man you got more than two readers. and probably a thousand "lurkers". . .

the final lift-off of the Denver extravagnza made this space monkey's heart go pit a pat. encounters of the third kind for sure!

as for Sarah P. - P for pu-leeeze! how tacky can the Good Old Poopers get?

dogboy443 said...

Amen brother, go get your beauty could use it.