Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Dems

Well, the Obamarama is rolling through the Democratic convention like a tornado through an Arkansas trailer park. Yrs truly hasn't heard all the proceedings, a little thing about having a life to lead, but I heard some highlights.
Bryan Schweitzer of Montana is a pistol. He had a real rabble-rouser of a speech. Best digs at McCain so far. I can't wait to see him in national politics.
Our own Gov. Patrick had a good line, went something like "they want four more years? How about four more months?"

Hillary actually sounded gracious, don't know what it cost her. But she's doing the right thing. So did Bill, as much as I heard tonight. I just hope Hillary realizes that she's in a better position to become president someday as an independent senator than as a VP. I think she would actually feel humiliated, after fighting so hard and getting so much support. She's not really a second banana sort, in spite of being married to Bill.

Right now Biden is talking. He does emote. I'm waiting to see if he's going to give Bill C. a run for his money in the long, long speech department.

I have to say, to paraphrase Trotsky, when i hear the expression "shoulder to shoulder" I reach for my revolver. Well, in my case, i'd have to get a revolver first. But these conventions breed cliches like ecoli in a greasy spoon's hamburger. And the reporters are as bad as the politicos. I hear some NPR'er (and I like NPR) say about someone's speech "I was struck by…" and I want to go there and strike THEM. I swear I heard that four times the first night.
Cliches are evil.
Never use'em myself. Would rather eat worms and die.

Well, Biden just finished. Bill Clinton is still champ in the "Lengthy Convention Speech" contest.

Uh, oh—surprise guest. Hey, it's Barack himself. Coming out to pump up his man Joe.
Also has nice things to say about Michelle (well, he'd better!) and Hillary—uh oh, lots of cheering for her— and gracious words for our Bill.
The obligatory "God bless you and God bless America."

Aargh! another commentator said he "was struck" by something Biden said. Spare me, Lord.
Thankfully this will be over tomorrow night.

This was bad enough, even with the highlights. If I'm going to listen to the Re-pubic-an convention I will have to stock up on brandy. And scotch. And make reservations at the rehab clinic for September.
Two more months of this. The aliens failed to kidnap me and spare me this aggravation. Disillusionment. I no longer believe in UFOs. Sorry Dennis Kucinitch, I'm leaving the flock.

That's enough for tonight.
good night all (two of you)

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