Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sometimes i just get on this thing and don't have a clue as to what I'm going to say. This is one of those times. I'm not in the mood to dump on religious extremists—I mean, easy targets, boring. Not that will stop me next time I'm in the mood.

The last couple days have not been pleasant weather-wise. Lots of wind yesterday. All day, with force. That drives me crazy. I have been given to understand that in some Mediterranean countries they have a wind that goes on for weeks or months. It would turn me into a monster. That constant whooshing of the wind— I'm getting nuts just thinking of it. Fortunately today no wind. but still cold. I have a model who comes over so I can practice my figure drawing. Today it was chilly enough (I'm too cheap to really crank the heat up) that I told her to just keep her clothes on. First time I ever said that to a woman.

There goes all the points I earned for defending women in my previous posts. Hey, were you expecting consistency? This is earth—nothing and no one is perfect here.

Looks like the Obamarama circus is pulling way past the Billary train. I actually like Hillary, usually, but i think she and Big Bill went a little too far with their attack ads. Just a little too much same-old same-old. No "change" there.

I just have a problem, as a child of the sixties, with getting to like someone I'd like to like too much. We seem to lose them too painfully. I liked JFK, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King. All dead before I graduated college. All murdered. Not to mention Medgar Evers, the Kent State Students ("Four dead in Ohio"), Viola Liuzzo, and Goodman, Schwerner and Cheney. If you don't know about any of these folks, look them up. It's the history of your country written in red. Red as in ink, we owe, oh how we owe, and in blood. Real, painful, messy American blood.

I'm afraid some asshat is going to get all upset about an (only half) afro-american being president. It could happen if we have a woman pres also. Too many guns and too many whackos. And too many media people salivating for a good story to batter us with over and over again.
We really don't need another assassination of a hopeful popular figure in our culture. Especially when you think of how it would bend the minds of those not "White anglo-saxon" peoples of the world who look for ways to hate us, if we had a "person of color" leading this country. Just that fact alone would change people's perception of America. Hey, i don't care how much less experience he has than another candidate. Can he be any worse than George Bush? I don't think so.

Gotta stop. It's going to be snow-blowing time in the morning. (there's a song there for someone skilled in musical composition).

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jayna said...

Hey Mudgie darlin' - I hope your naked model is wearin' her bunny slippers in this badass weather.

I thot we werent supposed to use the F word on your blog? but we can use the F initial? how about euphemisms? can we use euphenisms (how about a spell check)

o gosh this is all so complicated! maybe we dont need a president, maybe just a Jewish mother, one a those who will deliver chicken soup even via our I.V.s with some pain control medication added.

just kiddin' (o man anybody seen The Day After Tomorrow? Im heading for the nyc public library)