Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, isn't this fun?
As of 11:30 PM, no definite winners.
Huckleberry Hucklebee seems to think it's between him and McCain. His little speech tonight had a real populist-fascist feel to it. He's another disaster in the making. Smiles broadly (but in real regret) as he condemns non-believers to hell.

Mitt the Haircut put on a brave face, he carried all the states he's lived in, he said. You'd think those would be people who would know better. He got the Republican vote here in Massachusetts, but Massachusetts Republicans are a sorry group. I don't know how long it's been, if ever, that they had a majority in the state government. We only elect a Republican governor once in a while to show we're not prejudiced.

McCain's talking now, whoops, they cut off the old guy to go to Obama's talk. He and Hillary are both sorry for the victims of the storms in the mid-west. How sweet. He and Hillary are both certain they will go to victory.

The Billary Machine and the Obamarama are still running neck and neck. This may start to look
like the chariot race in Ben-Hur. It's not too late for the Democrats to fall on their face, and leave room for the Republican nominee to pull ahead. Pray that they keep their heads about them.
Gotta admit, Obama does a good speech.

Eight more months, dear lord, to hear these people trying to one-up each other. Aliens, where are you? I'm still waiting for that abduction. Just remember to leave some food out for the cat.

I'm outta here. Read about it in the papers tomorrow.


jayna said...

thank you Mudgie for live blogging the primaries last night! way to go! sorry I went to bed and could not comment along with you.

yeah well we're all going to be slippin' and slidin' our way to jerusalem if this kind a weather holds on - not to speak of those pathetic marchin; penguins slidin; on their feathery behinds. anybody seen The Day After Tomorrow? I think I'll go set up my tent in the New York Public Library and wait out not only the election but global warming.

See you on the moon!

Gleek said...

Apocalypse, apocalypse!