Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bye, bye haircut.

As expected the Mittster is out. Still holding on to his delegates (both of them? how many has he got?) Both he and Huckleberry are going to use their delegates to get what they want into the platform. Mitt's parting speech was smarmy. All that "not surrendering to terrorists" bullshit. Hillary already knows she can't pull out all the troops immediately, or even soon, and if Obama wins he'll get a dose of reality soon enough. The dems can't afford to have people going around saying we lost the war. Even if it's a hopeless mess already. According to some. According to others the end of the tunnel is in sight. Uh-huh.
We can't just run out of Afghanistan either. That was always more important than Iraq, no matter how bad Saddam was. Geez, how many nasty dictators have we let live, even supported in the past? I still think the only reason we're there is because George got mad that someone tried to off his old man in Kuwait that time.

In the meantime, even tho he's in hiding, Bin Laden is still a hero just because he got away.

This is a toughie. I don't know if the Obamarama movement can sweep past Soldier McCain and his troops. Hillary can, if the Dems can stick together like the Repubs will when they have the Billary show to hate. What are the chances of that? If Ralphie Nader jumps in, the Birkenstock crowd will lose all sense of proportion and write him in on their ballots. Hello, President McCain. Do we really need another Republican Pres picking Supreme Court justices? It wouldn't matter so much if the Democrats showed some gumption in Congress. What a letdown they've been.

Aargh. Tired of politics. Unfortunately it's everywhere. Bad economy, yrs truly laid off, paying medical bills. Running out of enough scratch to keep the single malt flowing. The only thing out of Scotland that actually tastes good. Sorry jayna, you can keep your haggis. Anyhoo, we're all (except that top 1/2 of one precent that's hogging all the dough) suffering the effects of bad decisions and weak-minded legislation.

All the politicos yap about the founding fathers at some point or another. I wish we could clone a few of them, the founding fathers, that is. Especially Ben Franklin. Smart, funny, and not running for office. Also irreverent.

Hey, I got things to do. So do you. Get outta here.

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