Friday, February 22, 2008


The Billary team is getting desperate. Accusing the Obama of plagiarism and having a weak resume. He says he was given permission to use a quote. Maybe.
All of this is foofaraw. Occasionally they get around to something substantive. But I find the condensed version I get from the media is enough.

As I recall, JFK didn't have much of a resume either. But he knew how to pick good people.

Sometimes I think the debate thing is a little overblown. This has been a big deal since John F. Kennedy out-charmed Richard Nixon (who we don't have to kick around anymore). How much substantive talk can you deliver when half the time you're trying to look and sound more attractive than your opponent and the other half trying to shoot him/her down.

As I recall, and my memory is a little hazy here, JFK and Nixon did have more to say than "I'm better than you." If Poor Richard didn't sweat under the studio lights the outcome might have been different.
Another downside is that competent unattractive people are eliminated from the contest at the very beginning. There must be a chubby, homely politico somewhere who would be just as good a presidential candidate as the more attracive Hillary/Obama/McCain. Okay, I'm stretching it a bit with McCain. But for 71, he's pretty handsome. And he does seem to have personality.

And you'd think that someone with poor debating skills and a less polished grasp of the English language might also be able to be a good pres…Oh wait, forget that. Time to move on.


dogboy443 said...

Not to make you feel any older Mudgie, but this pup wasn't even born when the infamous sweating debate took place. Heck, Kennedy was in Texas a month before I was even born, but thanks for the history lesson.

jayna said...

Hey Mudgie where you been? good to see you back! I really dont think Walnuts is "pretty handsome", why is he called Walnuts, anyway? - but Dennis K. is a hot ticket for a little guy and is an intrepid warrior with fine ideas.

Im getting really depressed about the human condition.

Just sayin'

gleek said...

"there's a helluva universe next door. . . "

dogboy443 said...

This just in Sports Fans...there's another contender in the Presidential candidate in the running...wait for it...wait for...oh shit it's just Ralph Nader.