Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wasn't I right?

I said, January 9, that whoever wins the Democratic nomination would have to face McCain. You read it here first. I never thought he'd give up. 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton and he's going to let a little lack of money slow him down? Uh-uh. I admire his tenacity and courage. I just hate his politics. Lately he seems to be doing some pandering to the so-called Re-pubic-an base. In some ways, he's Mitt Romney with balls. And a worse haircut.

Mitt the haircut is determined to throw away a couple more millions to try for the nomination. Good luck, hypocrite.
Huckleberry Huckabee is just in it to make sure he can influence the party platform with his platitudes, his so-called Christian platitudes. I wonder, did Jesus think the world was only a couple thousand years old? Did he give a rat's ass?

Now it's up to the dame and the colored gentleman to fight it out without crippling their party. I'm being un-politically correct facetiously, of course (hold those angry comments) but I'm really excited that we have a choice between a woman and a black guy to be president. Assuming that either of them can bring down the war hero. That oughta shake up the nation and the world a bit. it's about effing time. I hear some guys are thinking of the "white guy" as being the only group it's safe to make jokes about. Sorry guys, it's your day in the stocks. Live with it and get over it. Pretty soon things will settle down, you'll just have to get used to not being the natural heirs to power.

Just recognize that it is really hard to feel sorry for you.

I just can't figure out if dealing with a woman or having to recognize that America can elect a black man to president will frost the shorts of those Middle-easterners who hate us most. (English majors, parse that sentence!) Whatever, it will give America an entirely new face. And boy, do we need it. It's going to take years to erase the damage the Bushman has done.

I'm getting bored with politics (until tomorrow), what else is there to complain about? Health care. Hillary, if you get in, you better follow thru on this and give us a good program. Don't be afraid of being called a socialist. That'll happen no matter what you do. Ditto Obama.
It sucks to be in colonoscopy/heart problem age and seeing what the medical bills are even with a "good" insurance policy.

Christ, it's more cost-effective to die these days.

I'm off the meds (alas they weren't the kind that gives one a good buzz) and now I can drink again. Praise the lord for single malts. Good scotch is Scotland's penance for unleashing bagpipes and haggis on the world.

Isn't it funny how poverty-stricken diet needs become some kind of special food for modern people. I mean would you eat pig stomachs filled with god-knows-what unless you were starving? Or rabbits. That's a French thing as I understand it. C'mon, who really wants to eat Peter Rabbit? Besides those cute little bunnies pick up parasites in the wild. Now rabbits are special in French diets, haggis a special treat in Scotland (thank God it mostly stays there). They can have it.
My Eastern European family was big on pickled pigs' feet. That's right up there with haggis in the barf zone as far as I'm concerned.

OK, bedtime. Get your sleep while you can folks. Ya never know what tomorrow will bring.

I'm wondering why so much classical music isn't anymore inventive or engaging than contemporary rock. Late night radio. Love it or hate it.


Scruffy said...

I have to admit that there are a few things I would love to see in my lifetime (I'm turning 50 next month - I already have my AARP application!):

An African-American in the White House


A woman in the White House


Gay marriage (or at least country-wide recognized civil unions).

Perhaps these dreams might yet be fulfilled!


dogboy443 said...

And this just in Sports Fans...The Mittster has just dropped out of the GOP race. Now it just leaves McCain and Huchabee...let;s see how long Huck stays in it!!!!

Mac said...

An African-American in the White House


A woman in the White House.

You might get both at the same time.
Maybe an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket.

jayna said...

if this is double post Im sorry. your site kinda testy today.

it's me, Jayna, whose a Space Scot, loves haggis, and bagpipes, and its my delight to pipe Mittens outta the race.

My dream: whatever happened to Buckminster Fuller?

curmudgeon said...
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curmudgeon said...