Friday, February 15, 2008


We've had a new treat here in the hills. Lots of snow followed by freezing rain. The result, of course, is frozen snow. A wall of ice along the road (and in front of my house). But I'm not complaining. I got my brandy—why else would I spend two hours cleaning that sh!t off my driveway to get the car out?

What else? Hillary seems to be doing well in Ohio. Yeah, big surprise there. Obama got the Virginia-DC government worker zone. It's going to be neck and neck all the way. Like I've said before, i hope these two don't cripple each other to the extent that McCain gets the nomination. McCain is the Energizer Bunny of politics. Not to be underestimated.

More shootings at a college. These things are becoming an epidemic. When are people going to realize that the second amendment wasn't meant to allow any and every diseased mind the ability to own firearms? We need more control.

This is a boost to Internet businesses and schools. Study and shop at home. Leave the streets to the crazies. If you spend anytime on the Massachusetts Turnpike, especially around Boston, you know this has already happened.
It's late. I'm running out of venom. Good night.


dogboy443 said...

And please don't forget out Pal, Mr,. Hair Cut, The Mittster, The 3 yr Governor of Massachusetts setting aside his Delegates and giving them to McCain. What a kiss ass. What's he looking for? The V.P. nod?

jayna said...

Yes well Im a New Yorker also born in Missouri the Show Me state who could bot believe that proceedings in the Mass house began with a priest preaidig.

WTF! (to quote our beloved Mudgie.)

I had no idea Mittens was a Mormon, just as I had no idea Nancy Reagon was consulting an astrolger for policy decisions.

OMG read Henry James "Psychology of Relig. Experience"

ON THE OTHER HAND I believe all of this craziness leads to enlightenment. And Im not kidding!

frwho never got past learning tthe Massachusetts House began proceedings with prayer

jayna said...

please delete hanging chad thanks.