Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire

Well I see that Billary is running a little ahead of the Obamarama.
Meanwhile the Great Jesus Hope, Huckleberry Huckabee, is coming in third on the repubican side (that's a deliberate misspelling, so I don't want to get a slew of emails from my vast readership. All three of you). And McCain leads. Hell that guy is older than me.
I love it that Wonkette calls Rudy G., Rudy 9IU11ANI
Actually I like Hillary. It's not the experience that she brags about so much as it is her experience of getting in there and working with the Washington sleaze. I like a little oil on my politicians. I mean, as much as I like Obama, I wonder just who he is going to have for advisors. And he'll need some experienced ones if he's going to get in there and slide around on that greasy floor of Washington politics.
I still can't figure out why that bunch of farmers, cranks, hermits, yuppie refugees and malcontents up north of us is so important to the nominating process. Maybe we should just let New Hampshire choose the president. Think of the trouble it would save.
This whole process is annoying. It's already been going on too long. All these stupid states trying to be first to express their opinions. Why don't they all agree to have their primaries in June? It would spare us all listening to a lot of gas. And save wear and tear on the candidates.
Meanwhile the jazz programming on WFCR has been preempted. This does not please the curmudgeon.
I'm going to bed.


dogboy443 said...

WAMC just mentioned Hilary's crying scene and wondered wether or not it was staged. They also mentioned that a Clinton/Obama could be a very interesting ticket giving Obama the experience he needs and then after 8 years a chance to lead the ticket himself.

jayna said...

Man, you're hittin' yr stride, Mudgie! You talk politics good! and funny!

I doubt that the working class women that seemed to have turned the tide in N.H. went all woozy because Hill got choked up, more likely an appreciation of a tough and smart contender.

Gonna be interesting! Keep up the commentary. Your readership awaits with baited breath.

curmudgeon said...

Uh, jayna—you might catch fish (or a boyfriend) with baited breath but you'll wait anxiously for the opportunity with bated breath.

Hey, I AM a curmudgeon. Besides I owe you for that "Mudgie" nick.

Dog boy loves that one.