Thursday, January 10, 2008

More (God help us) Politics

New Hampshire is over and now they're talking on the news about South Carolina and Nevada.
I was there once, Nevada. Saw Las Vegas and a ghost town. About sums it up as far as I am concerned.
Outside of Las Vegas and Reno there's what? A couple hermetic obsessives and a few communities of renegade Mormons and survivalist gun collectors, maybe.

I heard on NPR this AM that Steven Colbert had Huckleberry Hucklebee on his program and agreed (enthusiastically) to be his vice president. Colbert could bring new meaning to that title.
And a correspondent informs me that Obama was doing some kind of dance on Ellen Degeneres. This is only what I heard, didn't see it myself (don't think I want to) .
And so the madness really begins. This contest on the Democratic side will bounce back and forth between the Billary campaign and the Obamarama until we are sick enough to just want SOMEONE to win and be done with it.
Me, I'm praying for an alien abduction.
Having my privates probed by curious lizard-people has got to be better than eight more months of this.
Hell, it would even be more action than I've seen lately.

And Hucklebee—don't get me started. Can you imagine a President Hucklebee? Can you imagine him calling up Ahmadinejad in Iran? "Hey, Mr. Ahmad, cut it out with that nuclear stuff or you'll have to answer to me, President Hucklebee."
That'll put the fear of Allah into him.

It's getting late, and I'm going to bed. Losing too much sleep lately, blogging.
Curse you Dogboy, for getting me started on this!


dogboy443 said...

Just doing my job and keeping you honest. If I didn't broaden your horizons with the blog you too would be one of those Hermetic types...BTW the lizard aliens called and said leave your window open Saturday night around 12:45. They'll bring quiche.

curmugeon said...

Real aliens don't eat quiche.

jayda the wonder twin said...

ahem, Mudgie. you do realizwe that yr so-called "word verificaton" action may block robots and people in wheelchairs, but does not block aliens from yr sites.

not to be vain, but my twin bro., Zad and our pet Space Monkey, Gleek - we gotta thing for you, sugar!

Just relax and enjoy it!

Jayna said...

p.s., and, believe me, real aliens eat quiche, and ADORE mocha lattes!

rawnqyijw? gimme a break!

dogboy443 said...

Ah someone else who hates the whole word verification thing. Todays show is brought to you by the word: efzuhjbf

jayna said...

I can usually intuit what chatgroup acronyms mean.
roflweasop (rolling on the floor laughing while eating a slice of pizza.) right. got it. gtfh. (go to effing hell) got it. SWYMMD (see what you made me do.) got it!

but JHDOYM? juicy hot dog oy! mmmm! ? ? ? ?

o god its been changed because Ive taken so much time, another probe!
I mean problem.

Bixvve. OMG! IFGU!

this makes no sense to me.

jhdoym back attacha, Mudgie!

love, anyway