Monday, January 28, 2008

Yawn of the Nation

Actually took an hour out of my life to listen to the Pres give his State of the Union speech.

Much applause and cheering by his slobbering sycophants in congress—these guys cheering his pledge to veto overly-earmarked bills even tho they are responsible for much of that. And of course when the Re-pubic-ans were in charge he signed earmarked bills without complaint.

It was amusing in a sardonic sort of way to hear him saying "We have to trust the American People…" to take care of their own money, buy their own health care, etc. This word "trust" coming from a guy who started a war with a fairy tale, and ignored the Constitution and International agreements in the treatment of prisoners and spying on Americans.

Don't forget folks, your librarian knows what you read and if the Feds ask, S/he has to tell.

Sure George, you trust us.

I've had enough. it's bedtime.

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gleek said...

how come no discussion of space monkeys on the moon? JFK was hero of space monkeys. Whacha say, Barry O?

(hear he's taken on extra security since Kennedy family has taken him on as "family")