Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire redux

Well, at least something exciting happened last night. The Obamarama win in Iowa (Iowa, fer chrissakes) inspired Billary to come out in force and show her stuff. The ayuppers of New Hampshire gave her a boost. She may end up really deserving a nomination. Either Obama, the black Muslim, or Hillary the white woman Christian, is okay with me at this point. That may change. Not that you care, or should.
Now Obama has to do some serious politiking to show he has the stuff to be Pres. This is good all around. Make it a real horse race. Make'em work. I think the winner on the Democratic side will have to face McCain—you heard it here first— (c'mon, even Repubicans can't be stupid enough to nominate any of those other losers—I admit I may be wrong here). And that will take some work. He's no slouch, and he's one of the few Repubicans I can respect (Mitt Romney?—c'mon, he was gov. here in Mass. and didn't say boo about any objection to homosexuality or any of those other good old eastern liberal sinner proclivities). Hey, a few years of loving care at the Hanoi Hilton and McCain can still function? Give the man some credit.
Still, he is getting on in years. We already had one Alzheimer's President, don't need another, but the Repubican faithful will latch on to him, anyone, to defeat the Bitch Goddess Billary (Tom Toles has a good cartoon showing what it's like for women in politics
So it's a horse race between her and him—you know who I mean. I just hope they don't cripple each other so much that they damage a chance for a Democratic President. We need one, I think there are a few of those Supreme Court Justices looking at retirement. Too bad Scalia and Thomas aren't among them. What a pair of wingnuts (at least Scalia has a sense of humor).
But I'm getting off topic again. Time for bed.


jayna said...

Haha I baited my breath and caught a curmudgeon!

Welcome to the commons, o pundit from Ohio.

Im from the show me state, myself, and heing considered, myself, by extremist republican relatives in the midwest a smart-alec easterner, I know a smart-alec easterner when I see one - hello John Kerry! backing Obama, are you? - is this good or bad for the Obamerama? (thanks, Mudgie, I love your wordplay) who knows? my Auntie Jean in Chicago wouldn't buy it.

I have no idea who is us these days, I guess we'll find out.

Verrrry interesting!

dogboy443 said...

So glad I pressured you into starting a blog.