Monday, January 28, 2008


Your curmudgeon has been a little absent lately because of a slip on the ice. A little bounce off my head led to a brief hospital stay. Due to being cut off from civilization, as it were, (and boy was it nice) and due to a supply of percocet (and boy is it nice) I've missed out on a few worldly developments.
Dennis Kucinich, my favorite presidential candidate, dropped out, before I got to hear anymore about his UFO sighting, and his meditation retreat in the mountains of Colorado.

He would have brought the hottest first lady ever to the White house. He's a symbol of hope to short, homely men everywhere.

Billary got her shorts frosted in South Carolina by the Obamarama movement.



scruffy said...

Tend to that head my friend. I like what goes on inside it.

jayna said...

yeah, what scruffy said: and easy on the percocet. whatsit that Woody Allen said - his brain was his second favorite organ.

gleek said...

don't vote! It only encourages them!