Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Messiah

No, I'm not going all evangelical on you. And no grouching today.
What it is, my church has a Messiah Sing-Along every year, and lately I'm the coordinator (I fear I am eroding my grouchy image here).
About a hundred people come, from all over Western Mass. and parts of Vermont and Connecticut sometimes. It's been going on for 43 years, and no I haven't been doing it all this time (you hear, dogboy?).
We have four soloists, professionals who donate their time out of love for the music and joy in singing. There is a pick-up orchestra, whoever feels like showing up with an instrument. A lot of success for the orchestra is due to a great conductor, Greg Hayes, who brings in several professional or near professional musicians. It's one of the things that bring me real joy every year.
There I said it, I was happy.
Next post I'll go back to bitching.


jayna said...

O gosh Mudgie, darlin', I think you need a walk on the dark side! Havin' a party tonite, guest list includes Hamlet, Prufrock, Portnoy, Lou Reed, etcetc. Come on a my house, baby -

HAPPY NEW YEAR - you ARE the man!

(why do we have to write these funny letters to prove we arent robots? whats next? an anal probe? :)

dogboy443 said...

Oh the Curmudgeon has a dark side indeed. I've witnessed it. I've been the target of it...oh the horror!

jayna said...

Shudder shudder, dogboy! I am tremblin' ! ! ! :) :) :)

Sarcastic, scathing, nihilistic, yes, our hero is THAT - true enuff.

however, word is out the Messiah concert was a great success.

happy new year, everybody!

jayda said...

Mudgie, Im expecting you to enter into the political fray - frey? whatever.