Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Post

Okay, my friend Mark got me to start a blog. Why anyone would be interested in my dyspeptic meanderings I don't know. But here it is. It is what it is. And isn't that a vacuous, uninformative, pretentious statement?
I use it all the time.
Just kidding.
Anyway, this is where i will complain, explain, and entertain (mostly myself) outrageous, provoking and sometimes obnoxious observations on what passes for culture and politics, and religion too, what the hey, in our contemporary society. I won't say modern. Modern was back in the sixties-seventies. What we have today is contemporary but retrograde, looking to the past for validation, the result of too many baby boomers still being babies (Move on people, nostalgia is mental masturbation—get over it.) Society a shadow of what it could be. We have the most advanced civilization in the history of the world and what have we wrought? CSI Miami? Smart (sic) Bombs, George W. Bush, the Big Mac? Walmart?
Does anyone else get depressed standing in the supermarket checkout line and seeing People Magazine? And Cosmopolitan with the latest "Seven things Guys want you to do in bed?"
No wonder Muslims think we are out of control and a pernicious effect on righteous society. Not that those who would stone women to death for adultery while letting the man off scot-free have the moral high ground. But there is no joy in realizing we are all in the same moral morass, albeit for different reasons.
I've bitched enough for tonight.
Any spelling errors are the fault of my proofreader. I don't make misteakes.


dogboy443 said...

Fantastic! That's the way to go my friend! WooHoo!


Anonymous said...

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