Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Un-American Republicans

The latest perfidious Repubican tricks to subvert the elections they cannot win:
Organized disruption of Congressmens' town meetings. There's a script for this which traces back to Bob MacGuffie, a lobbyist associated with "Freedom Works" (irony isn't dead), a lobby with Dick Armey at its head. This plan calls for people to disrupt by shouting out questions, not letting the congressman speak, in general trying to rattle him.

This is not freedom of speech. It is fascism. Brown shirt tactics. It's also an indication of the bankruptcy of Repubican ideals and policies. They want to pretend that they are with the mainstream, this against all evidence to the contrary, and since they can't get legitimate voices to speak for them, they create mobs out of the disaffected, the "birthers', teabaggers and other tin-hatters. This is un-American behavior, and should be condemned as such far and wide.

This is a deep shame and pitiful. Civil discourse doesn't work for them because they have wrong-headed ideas, so they just try to shout down the people who are actually trying to do something.

The whole idea that the health care bill will force the elderly to an earlier death was started by a woman who works for a medical equipment company. In Virginia, Dem. Congressman Tom Perriello got letters from a Hispanic organization and the NAACP which urged him to vote against the "cap and trade" legislation. Problem is they were fake, written by Bonner and Associates, a Republican lobbying firm. Big surprise there.

I can't believe that Republican senators and congressmen are ignorant of all this. Why aren't they speaking out against this perversion and destruction of American democracy?


Poo said...

Being a white male in the USA, I'm proud to point out to minorities and other groups that it is the white male that runs the nation's corporations, that runs its government agencies, and even the presidency - (well, at least a half white male!).

Then I am quick to point out that there are only about 3000 or so of these positions to go around, and that means that while they may be for the "White Male Only" club, they are for OTHER white males.

Not me, not you, not the Curmudgeon.

The antics of this small group of people, that in reality, also include some women, and some minorities, because all that is required to enter the club is the money to make things happen the way you wish it to be, has changed my life.

First idealistically, and after a while, tangibly. Tangibly by not permitting solutions to put me back on the rolls as a tax paying sucker, in this health care debate. Instead, they keep me sidelined, because, as some bone-headed cunt from Virginia said (and is echoed by equally bone headed dickheads in the seats next to her), "There is nobody in America that doesn't have access to health care!"

In Sara-Lee prose, what she says is true. So too, is what she MEANT. I have access. I just can't PAY for it. They will take my money - but not cover me for the things I need for 5 years. And if they WILL pay for it, they want so much money per month, that I'd be better off flying to India (if I could sit that long) and paying for, in my case, back surgery, with cash, assuming I could do that, after which, I could return to the USA, and GET A JOB (and sit at my desk) -- for which, I'd be provided... Yep!

...Health insurance.

Glad there is someone out there watching out for me until then. Too bad they are doing so from the Heavens, instead of at the pharmacy, where I really need it for the moment. Anyone got $250 to loan me for this month's pain relief?

(It wouldn't be that high if those Congress Pukes would stop extending patents that should have expired DECADES ago... and would reduce pill costs from $4/tablet to about 15 cents.)

I'd say more, but then I'll just use up the stress tablets that cost me 50 cents each... And well worth it too, especially when I need the $60 package of cortisone... or the $12,000 epidurals.

Which, by the way, cost almost nothing if you have insurance. Even if they won't pay for it, the price drops by 90%. Which is a great deal - if you have the 10%. But I don't. Because I can't sit. Which means I can't get the paycheck that would already provide me with the insurance..... HERE WE GO AGAIN.

I'll close with the interesting conversation I recently overheard - someone going on and on about how sick of this health care debate they were, and how they weren't paying for everyone to just go to the doctor - and how, if they were forced to participate in "socialized medicine," they'd move to CANADA!

At which point I turned around in the line at the grocery store and said to this stranger "you DO realize that Canada has Universal Health Care. Or, as you just called it.... socialized medicine

"Interesting that you'll support sending cash and soldiers overseas, but you won't give any of the people HERE a dime to advance their health (or everyone's health) and thereby lower the costs of health care in the US over the long term."

She began to say something, then ended with "you have no idea what I believe in." As she changed lanes, I replied "It's obvious that neither do you."

And on that note, I'm going to go get the ammo for my Super-Soaker and spend the afternoon in a local clock tower.

I hope the "socialized police" see the orange tip.

curmudgeon said...

Good comment, 'poo.

julia said...

Surprise surprise?

I dont think so.

Who said this country represents both the best and the worst? some
Brit, I think - but ain't it int'resting?