Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not all Democrats roll over and play dead

So I hope everyone could see the link I posted in the previous entry. Barney Frank telling it like it is to a deluded "Obama is a Nazi" character.

Also, 60 democrats in the House said to Obama, "Hey, no public option, no health care bill."

Somebody is finally figuring out that the Repubicans are not going to get all warm and fuzzy and go bi-partisan on us.

They would sooner go bisexual, and given the recent spate of Repubican pubic adventures, that may already have happened.
Not that there is anything wrong with being bisexual, but one shouldn't be a hypocrite about it. THAT is the wrong part.

Democrats have a majority in both houses, they should just go ahead and take care of business. But we still have those so called "Blue Dog" types who are acting like Repubicans, or like Repubicans should act. I suspect they are getting a leetle bit too much campaign money from the health industry. They should wake up and get with the program.

The majority of people in this country are not tin-hatted birthers, and they want affordable health care. Let's go and get it and let the insurance companies sink back into the hell they came from.

Isn't it just amazing how quickly politicians sell themselves out to stay in power? Alas, it's also so predictable.

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