Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm still thinking and aggravated by the Sotomayor hearings. All those wingnut Republicans worrying about whether she is a "racist" because she thinks a "wise Latina" can add something to the country's judicial discourse.

And this comes from many in that crowd who were racist themselves long time ago. Hey Jeff Sessions, still think white lawyers are a disgrace to their race for having black clients? Some of these people are influenced by the space cadets over at "C" Street (see Rachel Maddow's shows of the week of July 13th in particular for details) who think that if one of them has been elected to Congress and a position of leadership, it's because God wanted them there and they can do whatever they want. The voters apparently had little to do with it.

The rules the rest of us follow don't apply to them.
Sen. Tom Coburn is one of them. He's been advising John Ensign and the other famous Republican adulterer, Mark Sanborn.
Sen. Coburn, in talking to Sotomayor, responded to something she said with "You got some 'splainin' to do." Quoting Ricky Ricardo of "I Love Lucy" fame. Apparently he doesn't realize there is a difference between a Puerto Rican and a Cuban.
This is typical of the level of ignorance of these people. Anything that falls out of the purview of the Powerful White Male is just incomprehensible to them. They can't figure out why they are being picked on.
"It's discrimination!" they shout. Excuse me. White males controlling finances, wars goods and services—at the expense of everyone else in the country, including other white males who are just trying to make a living but who don't have the power or connections—they are feeling picked on? And they try to make this a rallying cry for white males everywhere.

This unemployed white male ain't buying it.
Really, the middle and lower class white male is just another minority to be used as far as these Powerful White Males are concerned. Those industrialists, senators, bankers etc. They don't really give a sh!te about me or any other person, white, black, male , female, other who isn't part of their privileged world.

I hope Sotomayor kicks ass when she's on the Supreme Court.

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