Saturday, July 4, 2009

The madness continues

Gov. Mark Sanford now has the distinction of adding a new phrase to the American language. "Hiking in Appalachia" in now officially a synonym for cheating on one's spouse, according to the Urban Dictionary.
His original embarrassing news conference was bad enough, but then he went on to do more interviews (WHAT is that man smoking?) and talked about his "soul mate" and the "love story."
Too often a guy gets a stirring in his crotch and thinks its a stirring in his heart.
I spared myself listening to the whole thing. Just the excerpts were bad enough. The man is having a serious mental crisis.
His wife is looking good. She's not having anything to do with the usual "wife standing by philandering politician husband" routine. Didn't see her at the news conference. She had the guts to throw the bum out even before he went "to Appalachia." She's standing on her beliefs. The Repubs ought to look to her for their standard-bearer in 2012. She's got to be better than the other female possibility. You know who I mean.

The other possibility, dear Sarah Palin, has decided to resign her governorship. What is she up to? all the pundits are wondering. Has she had it with the ridicule, and wants to just hang out with the family? Is she going to go around drumming up support for a presidential bid in 2012? If she really has presidential ambitions this doesn't look like a good way to realize them.

Perhaps she just wants to catch up on her reading of all those publications, you know, "all of them, any that were put in front of me." Then she could go back to Katie Couric and say "Newsweek! Time! Utne Reader!" (well, maybe not that one) and prove she really does read.

Maybe she's been "hiking in Appalachia" (or maybe Todd has) and wants to get out before the media firestorm hits. Or the strain of running for VP is finally getting to her. All that traveling with the sneers of the McCain operatives, the interviews, the 100,000 (or was it 300,000) dollar wardrobe (o Sarah, I still remember you in those boots—mmmm), the pressure.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime—HEY OBAMA— when are you going to end "don't ask, don't tell" already?
We're waaaiiiting.

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Poo said...

>> Is she going to go around drumming up support for a presidential bid in 2012?

Good GOD! Let's hope not (except for the comedy). Remember, this is a person who thinks Christ rode a dinosaur.