Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still on that elevator to hell

Don't these things ever go up?

Latest Republican fantasy: the initiative to allow employees to unionize by signing a "sure i want to" card is an indication of the coming apocalypse and a denial of democratic principles. In that order. Watch for the rapture. I hope these guys get bugled up to Jesus (see, i didn't say they should go to hell) so that we can have a decent life here on earth. And I want one of their cars. A BMW preferably. And that time-share in Cozumel.
They are foursquare against what they say is an undemocratic way to organize: that is, without a secret ballot. They ignore the fact that a secret ballot still remains as an alternative. But when has the Republican minority ever bothered with facts when lies will suffice?
I was a supervisor at a wallpaper factory for a while in my past life and when there was a union move to get our employees into a union we management types were all called together and given the ways to counter the union message. I listened to the crap but basically did nothing to implement it. I had been a punch-the-clocker myself. The place i worked was pretty fair to employees but still, you never know what's coming down the road. There are people who make a living helping companies fight unionization. Republicans hate unions. Unions take profits away from contributors to Republican election efforts.
You know a man by his enemies, I've heard it said. Look at the enemies of unions and a lot will become clear to you.
So Obama has a stimulus bill. Spends a lot of money doing a lot of stuff. Of course the Republicans are against it. They don't care if it's good or not, they are just against anything a Democratic President produces. Obama's bill isn't perfect, but what is? It's addressing a lot of problems. The Repubs are still nattering on about tax cuts (for the wealthy—their main contributors) and more of the same old. these guys complaining about spending are the same wingnuts who voted for every appropriation George Bush asked for, especially any money for his ill-advised war in Iraq.
But now they have seen the fiscal light. Like Saul of Tarsus, they have been struck down by the power of the Lord and now repent their profligate ways.
Unfortunately, unlike Saul of Tarsus, they haven't really turned to the good. They have turned to the "keep the money in your benefactor's hands or else" way of thought.
And they aren't anywhere near as articulate. Have you heard Mitch McConnell speak? Is anyone (other than George Bush) more pathetic? Well, alright, there's Bobby Jindal. It's hard to sound reasonable and articulate when what you are saying is so contrary to fact.

Okay, I've had my fun dumping on the Re-pubic-ans.

It's bedtime, and both of you reading this should be in bed.
Good night.

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