Friday, March 20, 2009

Bonuses and condoms

I hear some Repubicans are defending the AIG bonuses. Or at least saying they shouldn't be taxed. I mean, those guys worked their butts off for that meltdown, they should get something, right?

Actually, I think all opprobrium possible should be heaped on those characters until they give the bonuses back out of shame and sell their houses and slink off to Mytushiefroze, Alaska, where they will live out their lives in obscurity skinning moose for Governor Palin. Now I am all in favor of taxing the rich—everybody should pay proportionately— but I feel little strange about using tax law as a punitive weapon. Something seems fishy about that. Besides, all these senators are only making a lot of noise in this room, metaphorically speaking, so no one will notice the mess they left in the other room. My cat does that.

In other news, Pope Benedict has said that condoms don't help prevent AIDS, they actually help spread it. Will someone please check that guy's medication dosages? Now being against condom use is part of the papal job description, but it's one thing to be against it because your belief is that sex is only for procreation, not fun, and something else entirely to be spreading lies about it. We expect this sort of thing from our wacko right, but they are stupid. One would think that the spiritual leader of over a billion people would have more on the ball.

I know what the problem is—lack of sex. It messes up the mind. Imagine two thousand years of priests and nuns going without sex (ostensibly) because of what may be a totally erroneous assumption about Jesus. There's no mention that Jesus got laid in the bible, ergo he didn't get laid, goes the thinking. Did they ever think that maybe he was too much of a gentleman to brag about it?

If I remember correctly, of the three vows of priesthood, poverty, obedience and chastity, chastity is the one renewable vow. There's a reason for that.
I'm done for the night.

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dogboy443 said...

He actually said that?
No wonder I refuse Catholicism