Friday, March 6, 2009

Economic elevator going down, next stop—Hell

I am discovering the lazy blogger's punishment. There is so much going on, I don't know where to start. Financial apocalypse, Obama administration initiatives, unemployment increases, the Oscars. But since a lot of the activity is revolving around the Republican's struggles, we can sum that up in one sentence. "They are idiots."
But of course I can't leave it at that. Such complete intellectual implosion almost demands attention. It's like slowing down on the highway to look at an accident. You hate to look, you know it's meretricious and macabre, but something in you just has to force you to look.
How does my mind boggle over you (Republicans)?
Let me count the ways:
  1. Michael Steele. Where does one start? He must have a third foot, because he can still walk with one in his mouth. The government never created a job—presumably not even the gov't. job he held in the State of Maryland. That was delivered perhaps, from heaven by God. Not by the actions of government.
    Then there his attempt to bring hip-hop and rap to the Republican party. This is so , so, improbable—I just can't come up with a word that would accurately represent this action. Mr. Steele himself does not bring the term "rap" or the term "hip- hop" to mind on seeing him. He is not cool.
    I come from the generation immediately after the beatniks, the hippie generation, and I know from cool. Mr. Steele is not cool, he is not hip, he certainly is not "gangsta."
    Let's not leave out his criticism of and then his capitulation to, Rush Limbaugh.
  2. Which brings us to—Rush Limbaugh. or is that Rush Limburger? Anyway you spell it he smells. Mr. Limburger says he hopes Pres. Obama "fails." What a patriot. He'd rather America suffers through Obama's failure than that it recovers through his success.
    God forbid that Conservative principles should be proved false by actual real world situations.
  3. The party of "No." Conservative principles again. Although this may be a real perversion of the word "principles" What kind of "principles" leads a governor to turn down money that would help the people of his state because it comes from a Democratic President's initiative? Especially because the idea is that the unemployment benefits part would be turned down but the other parts accepted? Well, this is, at least, consistent with the Republican refusal to believe any of the lower classes deserve help of any kind. God knows, some miscreant out there might abuse the system, get some benefits he doesn't deserve. They aren't like the honest, upstanding members of our financial community, like Mr. Madoff (made off with your money) and Mr. Stanford, the Ponzi scheme specialists.

    To their credit, the legislature of Mississippi has passed a law requiring their gov to accept the money he was threatening to turn down. So I heard.

    It's too much. Some of us (that going up to 10% unemployment bunch) are trying to make ends meet, worrying about health insurance, mortgages, whether or not we're going to have to eat the pets, and the Republicans are worrying about doctrinal purity.
    Go eff yourselves.

    That's all. God help America.

    Coming up: Stimulation (oh, baby!) Watch for it.

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