Saturday, January 10, 2009

Man, this new year is something else so far.
Is there no respite from the vacuous, venal and violent?

At least we have Blagojevich for some humor. Not that he's trying to be funny, and, on a deeper level, he's not. No one that blatantly and unapologetically venal is really funny, finally. But on the surface, and for the nonce, he's a million laughs.

The press conference with the people he supposedly helped standing near him (some called it a "human shield") was almost as good as Nixon appearing with his dog Checkers on TV (in response to a contribution scandal). You can't do better than appearing with a dog.

What kind of pet would Dick Cheney appear on TV with while explaining his actions? A Tasmanian Devil?
Of course the idea that Dick Cheney would deign to explain anything he did is pretty much just science fiction or fantasy.

Speaking of science fiction, I just figured out what that haircut of Bagojevich's was reminding me of. Robert A. Heinlein wrote a novel called "The Puppet Masters" in which slug-like aliens attached themselves to the backs of humans and controlled them. I'm proposing that we are under attack by fuzzy aliens who attach themselves to the top of the head of humans to control them and make them do blatently stupid things, like discuss selling a senate seat on a tapped telephone. Blago's alien just didn't land quite right.

Britney Spears' alien landed right, and incidently, looks better. She did make an effort to get rid of it tho.

On a more serious note, I wish the Israelis would realize that bombing the shite out of people is not the best way to get them to stop acting badly. They'll just get sneakier.

And it's about time for Hamas to grow up and put the big boy briefs on and realize that they aren't going to make Israel go away, and that they are only making things worse for their own people. But that is the modus operandi for unwavering ideologues who must have things their own way. Everyone is expendable to the progress of their desires.

In the meantime —TEN MORE DAYS!!

Ten more days before the Bushman heads off into the sunset. He should never have been president.
The only good thing he's accomplished was to prove once and for all that deregulation and market forces do not a healthy economy make. And that was only done inadvertently and by causing a lot of people to suffer. The jobless rate went up to 7.2% last month. That's just one of the results. Your curmudgeon was ahead of the curve on this one, having been laid off last February. I consider myself a trailblazer.

It's going to be interesting to see if the smooth-talking Mr. Confidence, Barack Obama can get the US at least on the way out of this mess, if not entirely out of it. At least Republicans can't go complaining about his spending, not after one of their own blew a budget surplus into smithereens.

Okay, I'm done. Go find something useful to do.

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