Saturday, October 25, 2008


First— I've been out of commission for a bit because of a serious "family" situation. But now I'm back.

Great news on CNN.COM. McCain people think that Sarah Palin is "going rogue" on them, not sticking to the program, venting her own opinions.


If that's not a prescription for disaster (remember I don't use clichés—ho, ho) I don't know what is.

Now I don't want anyone to think that I feel that a female candidate needs to be shepherded along the campaign trail lest she stub her little weak feminine toe. I'm all for people of any sex (straight, bi, gay, trans—whatever) expressing their opinions. I'm especially in favor of Sarah Palin expressing hers. I would be and I am in favor of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Bachman of Minnesota who wants to investigate all us "un-Americans," also expressing theirs. And Joe "going on forever with his foot in his mouth" Biden also.

And I desperately want all those white guys in suits to be publically expressing their opinions.

Think "reality show."

"Several McCain advisors" have said that Palin is "going rogue" on them. (Aren't I putting the "quotes" key thru its paces tonight?)
"Going rogue."
I love it.
The real Sarah is coming out at last and isn't she a thing of beauty?

According to the unnamed advisors:
She doesn't like that the campaign pulled out of Michigan.
She's a "diva."
She thinks those robocalls are "annoying."
Holy smoke, she and I agree on something! OMG!
I'm going to have to talk to my therapist!

Just kidding. I would have used a stronger word to describe those robocalls.

Now what did you expect, hmm?
That she would be a good little soldier?

She's being Sarah, and I love it.
I'm not even going to dump on her for the $150 large wardrobe. I mean, did you expect her to campaign in mukluks and a parka?
Gimme a break.
Besides, I loved those knee-high black boots I saw her wearing in a news clip.
Oh Sarah, those legs in those boots, let those boots walk all over— uh, excuse me, sorry—got carried away for a moment there. Heh. You didn't see that.

Moving on.

She is dragging the McCain campaign down. Not that he needed any help.
Poor Johnny Mac has been nose-diving for the basement ever since he got the nomination. He complains about being called "erratic." But what else can you say?
It's almost as if there is a conspiracy, of which he is a part, to get Obama elected. I mean, can someone REALLY be so removed from reality? Without being certifiable?

I feel sorry for the poor sucker. But I still hope he loses. How long will he last before there is a President Palin?

If that doesn't scare you, you are dead. Go lie down.

Funny tidbit from the Rachel Maddow show (on MSNBC—she's a hometown girl and I promote her shamelessly)—the highest paid person in the McCain campaing this past month was Palin's hairdresser and make-up person.
Hey, you have to establish your priorities.
What's important is what's important.

It is what it is.

What Sarah wants, Sarah gets.

I've heard that :
A. McCain chose her because the Republican estab. forced him to get someone who would appeal to the rubber-room fringe of the Republican party; or
B. That he chose her to show the Republican powers-that-be that a far-right candidate was poison and that they would dump her and allow him his own choice. Like Joe Lieberman.

If that's the case it didn't work.

Now Johnny Mac's stuck with her. But she's not stuck with him, nossir. She and Todd are aiming for the White House, not now, but there is always 2012.

Yeah. Put money on it.
I had thought she would eat up the established Republican party apparatus, but at this point I say it's 50—50 and I'm not taking anymore bets.
G'nite you two.


patrick said...

the McCain camp has been sending mixed signals since it's inception... Sarah Palin can't even keep up with McCain's endless wavering between "straight talker" and crooked politician

jayna said...

Hey, Nanookie of the North is not gonna get near the White House, USAans are not as stupid as we someetimes appear.

Maybe a wingnut talk show.

If Im wrong, we're effed for sure.

Gleek said...

Space Monkeys unite!

Si, se puede!

AtlantaJim said...

Christ! A Talk Show?

We'd hear less of the idiot if she were "making good policy with the senators" as "Night Shift Supervisor of the United States Senate" than sticking another Rush clone (with tits??) on TV.

I honestly don't know what would be worse.

Koo-koo-ka choo, Mr. Pu--tin
Our nation turns its stupid ass to you
You do Polonium, Mr. "Pooty-Poo"??
Well... "Heaven's got a place for those that pray"
so John & Saraaaaah say...
Show them the way!