Monday, October 6, 2008

Eh, Monday

Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post had an online discussion, transcript here:

Here is a sample quote in response to a question about Palin's behavior during the debate,
"The winking was beyond annoying. I haven't talked to any women who weren't deeply offended by her flirting for votes."

Parker also thinks moderate women who were thinking of voting for McCain after Clinton lost out, are now going to head back to Obama. Let's hope.

Bringing things closer to home:
I was saddened this weekend to hear that one of my favorite bands, the Dresden Dolls, is splitting up, at least for the time being. The two members, Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione, had what they called a "punk cabaret" act. Brian is a killer drummer with interesting facial expressions as he plays and Amanda a near-brilliant songwriter and performer. They've been doing a lot of solo gigs lately, now we see why.
On the upside, Amanda has what looks to be a very good solo album coming out, "Who killed Amanda Palmer?" Videos can be seen on YouTube.

Also, today, I heard Berkeley Breathed is killing off Opus the penguin and ceasing his Sunday comic. Oh alas, alackaday! One of my favorite characters.

News like this would be enough to drive me to drink, if I didn't already.

I'm going to go find something useful to do. You two, my loyal readers, should also.

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Scruffy said...

R.I.P. Opus. Love live the penguin!

You will be missed.