Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He said, He said

Debate so far:

McCain says people are angry, said it a couple times. Took a while to get to answering the question. Then he talked about Joe the Plumber and how Obama was going to raise his taxes, and spread his, Joe's, wealth around. He kept going on about how Obama was going to raise taxes, ignoring Obama's assertion that he was going to reduce taxes for 95% of the people.

This is a better debate, these guys can argue with each other.
Bob Schieffer asks about specifics of their plans, Obama answers. McCain borrows from Palin's answering tactics and starts talking about mortgages. Prodded back to question he spent sometime saying he knew how to cut spending, had to be prodded to specifics again.
Brought up earmarks, and Obama voted for them.
Obama responds that earmarks are only half percent and not major expense.
McCain says Americans are hurting and they're angry, and he understands that.
He's becoming a broken record.

McCain seems to be relying on his political ad slogans instead of argument.

A few of the "he said" vs "he said" stuff.
McCain says Obama not standing up to his leaders.

Will they say to each other's face what their ads say about each other?
McCain hasn't answered the question. Says Obama has spent more money on neg ads
Obama doesn't directly answer either. Says 100% of McCain's ads are negative.
McCain trying desperately to make Obama look bad, less trying to make his policies look bad.
Exchange about John Lewis—McCain's feelings hurt. Lewis was out of line, Obama says his campaign said that immediately. But also pointed out what had been yelled at the Palin rally which angered Lewis.

Obama crushes McCain on Ayers and Acorn. Points out falsity of McCain attack.

McCain reiterates, then goes to say he will not raise taxes like Obama.

Why would the country be better off if Obama's running mate becomes president than if McCain's becomes president.

Obama has an easy time with Biden—foreign policy experience, working man background, on right side of issues.

McCain says Palin a role model for women, fought with her own party, gave money to citizens, faced down oil companies, understands special needs families. He's proud of her.

McCain says Biden wrong on some foreign policies. Obama more gracious on Palin—it's up the voters. Ducked the question.

Free Trade— McCain continues practice of attacking Obama more than explaining his own policies.

McCain wants to put health care info on line—apparently means "computerize."

McCain brings up the "fine" on small business (Joe the Plumber). Says, basically, Obama trying to spread Joe the Plumber's wealth around. Obama rebuts.

McCain keeps up with the fine business. He ignores Obama's rebuttals. Keeps pushing his $5000 "gift" for health care.

McCain wants to improve teaching but wants ex-service people to be able to go into teaching without taking the certification tests.
That'll make for better teachers, you betcha.

I think McCain tried hard but only scratched Obama.
Obama did well at deflecting the attacks.

NPR commentators:
good debate, not likely to change opinions. Obama gets his goals, to look creditable.
McCain fails to change that.

Okay, let's see if I can talk in complete sentences. I think that McCain came out looking feistier than he has in the past, but didn't do much more in first half or so than repeat his campaign ad charges. I think he started off shakier, but maybe got madder later and it focused him. But he consistently let Obama's rebuttals of his charges slide by without rebutting the rebuttal.
He looked feistier but not smarter.

Chilling moment: during the debate on abortion he said that considering the health of the mother was an "extreme" position of the pro-abortion crowd.
EXCUSE ME? Considering the mother's health is extreme?
Sorry ladies, according to Johnny Mac, if giving birth might kill or disable you, too bad, you're toast. Way it goes.


Obama did well in answering his questions and rebutting McCain. McCain did a lot of punching but mostly hit air. Obama still looks like the man with the plan. McCain still looks like he's winging it. If someone is already in favor of one or the other candidate, I don't think anything that happened here will change his or her mind.

Funny line—one of the NPR people said they were looking forward to the Palin-Joe the Plumber ticket in 2012.
Amazingly, I say amazingly, NO ONE said "I was struck by…"

They must've got my email…

That's all.
I had to listen to this and no hootch in the house to soften the blow. It'd be enough to drive me to drink if I had any. I'm going to bed.

You who read me, both of you, go to sleep too.

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