Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, I'm back. I've been busy enjoying Memorial Day with my offspring, dealing with unemployment and a temporary job (provided by my friend Mark) and writing a sermon for a lay Sunday at the church. They don't know what they're in for.

Anyhoo, on the political scene, I see the Obamarama is rolling to the top and Billary has to weigh her options. I don't really have a problem with Hillary. I think she could be a good president. I do worry about her hubby. I like Bill, I thought he was a good if not great Pres., but how are you going to keep him down on the farm after he's seen Washington? Hillary would have a battle on two fronts, with the rest of the world, and with her husband who may not entirely share her views. He did some of the foot-in-mouth thing during the last few months. Significant others should be silent during these contests. That includes Michele Obama, lovely as she is. We need to concentrate on her husband's ideas, not hers in this political race. And I don't mean to demean her ideas. It's just that they should remain in the background for now, as Bill's should also remain in the background for now.
As a nation we all need to know how the candidates will think and act, and we don't want to know they will be swayed by their spouses ideas. Whether they are good or bad ideas. I think Obama is okay with Michele, but I worry about Bill.
He's a big guy in a lot of ways, and like the earth, generates his own climate. I want to know that Hillary, whether Pres, or VP or Senator, is out of his gravitational field. Not that he's bad (I do, tho, have my areas of disagreement), but I already saw him, now I want to see Her.
The last few months have made me feel like it will be hard for her to keep him in the chicken coop, if she is President, or if she is vice-president. And i say that realizing that, in the end, I may not like her all that much. Or I might.

But it seems to be Obama's show now. That sucker better be thinking about his circle of advisors. We see what Bush's circle of advisors has wrought. So this is important. Even if Obama had years of experience he would need good advisors. It's all the more important now. He got the golden ring. Whoa! Now what?

Back when this all started, I wished Obama had stayed out of it, spent his time in the senate, let Hillary go on to the Presidency in peace. Lately, I have been disenchanted by the way the Billary team has acted and I'm inclined to Obama (and my fervent prayer is "Oh Lord, help him pick good people to advise him). And I think that Obama can arouse emotions and devotion in a way that Hillary, with her hubby and all the other stuff in their combined backgrounds, cannot.
Either one of them is a better choice than McCain.
Still, because of the "Bill" problem, I think Obama would be better off choosing someone else as VP. Let Hillary stay in the senate and be a potential threat in 2012 (she will be anyway!)
It'll keep Obama "honest" to have the Billary team monitoring his every move.

That's all the wisdom I have for tonight. At my age I have to ration it.

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