Saturday, June 7, 2008

Class Act

I haven't actually heard Hillary's concession speech but I read the transcript on the NYTimes website.
From what I see, it was a Class Act, a very gracious and politically savvy acceptance of defeat.
I had some problems with her campaign of late, I have a sneaky suspicion that Bill was more involved than he should have been. He did make an ass out of himself a couple times. It's hard for someone who was the most powerful man in the world to let other people take swipes at his wife. Even when he's familiar with the territory.
But I think Hillary had her own voice tonight, and she did good. She really has made a difference in perception for women, perception of their abilities and aspirations, and also a change for men. Hey she can take it and dish it out.

Yes, there was a lot of sexist bullsh*t going on every time someone reported about her, and yes somehow her mistakes, being a woman, were writ larger than the male Obama's mistakes (amazingly ignoring his Afro-american heritage), but still, she went the distance, and isn't that what we all admire, guys?

Grace in Hillary. She's got the goods.

The Afro-American thing for Obama will be raising it's ugly head this fall.
We'll have the die-hard Aryans (what the hell are Aryans anyway, besides a bunch of migrant sheepherders like everyone else?), the born again types who think they'd vote for him if he only accepted Jesus (on their terms), the "Confederacy Never Died" types who still think that blacks should be slaves.
This is going to be an interesting year, as in that old Chinese curse, "May you have an interesting life." i.e., expect a lot of pain.

Hillary better live up to her word and support this guy or Johnny Mac will be sitting in the oval office, or orifice, depending on how you look at it, come next January.

But for now, she is exhibiting a lot of class.
And I have run out of brandy and venom.
Good night, sleep tight.

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Scruffy said...

I'm a little sad to see her go. I still think she was the smartest of the three candidates, although I was getting a little tired of Bill. Chelsea also showed intelligence and grace under pressure. Another class act. Now that we are getting down to brass tacks, it will be interesting to see who the candidates pick as their respective running mates. That will be an even more important topic than it has been in the past.