Friday, June 27, 2008

Ahh, Unity

So, I see that Hillary and Barack have symbolically and actually appeared in Unity, NH to promote his presidential run.
Gotta give Hillary credit. She's up there smiling and asking for everyone to support Barack. You know she wishes it were the other way around, but she's a trooper. So's the hubby, but I bet he supports Obama thru clenched teeth. Metaphorically. He's a professional, so you won't see it but it's there.
I just hope that Obama doesn't offer Clinton the VP position, and if he does, she turns it down. For her own sake, she will be in a better position to run again if she stays out of the VP position. That's a notoriously unhelpful spot for presidential candidates.
It took Nixon eight years to get the presidency and he was helped by a war that was disastrously entered into by a Democratic President.
Also, I have grave misgivings about a former president who's used to getting his own way being lodged in the VP residence. I know Hillary Clinton is no pushover, but it's got to be hard to live with Bill sometimes and maintain independence.

So the contest goes on. my prayers for alien abduction have failed (is there no merciful God?) so it looks like I'll be here for the duration. Four more months of this.

I got an email from "Fox smears Obama." Well, that's a surprise. There will be a lot of smearing going on. The Republican election strategy is not to highlight your candidate's virtues but to point out the opponent's faults. It's a lousy strategy and I think it will finally show it's decrepit age this year. I hope so.
It's a strategy which assumes that voters are easily swayed by rumor and innuendo, that they are unlettered and of low estate. That's a fancy way of saying they think their voters are all trailer-living high school drop outs. Republicans do have a certain contempt for most of their supporters. Else they wouldn't do that "Swift-boating thing."

Well, Johnny Mac is going to need all the help he can get. I predicted he would be the candidate (see my post Jan. 9, 2008) and I worry about his being able to ride the five years of imprisonment in Hanoi (or thereabouts) to the presidency. I don't really think he'll be Bush redux but I don't think he'll be any better.

Get ready folks. The barrage is about to begin. About mid-August you'll all be curmudgeons where the presidential election is concerned.

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